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Zombie Puppets Serenade Krampus

Here you are, my friends. This is my Christmas gift to you. A video of zombie puppets, from the Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show, singing Christmas carols at the recent Krampusnacht celebration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If those words right there don’t make you want to click on that link, and if they don’t automatically put a smile on your face, then frankly I’m not sure how you ended up on my Christmas gift list anyway, because you aren’t good people and I don’t want to know you. You are also devoid of all Christmas spirit and Krampus is likely to come looking for you. Or, as Krampusnacht has already occurred this year, he probably already *did* come looking for you, and you are currently reading this article from the underworld. Or from inside one of those self-contained-reality snowglobes, like in the movie. Too bad for you, but that’s what you get for not loving Krampus and zombie puppets and Christmas.

I’d never heard of the Night of the Living Dead Puppet Show before. The puppets are adorable. If you are straddling the line, haven’t quite lost your Christmas spirit but are in danger of doing so, no worries. This will surely put you back in the proper spirit in no time.

The Evil Cheezman • January 2, 2020

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