Zenescope Comics Makes Werewolves Damn Sexy

Who doesn’t want sexy werewolf comics? I sure do, and thanks to Zenescope Comics I can. I discovered Zenescope through one of my favorite artists, Nei Ruffino, who has done lots of artwork for them. Now, when I say they are sexy, I’m not talking about like yaoi or something, I mean artistically, the females are drawn very naughty. Love!  They have two different comics that werewolf fans will love – Grimm Myths & Legends and Monster Hunters Survival Guide. Here’s more info on each one:

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Grimm Fairy Tales and Grimm Myths & Legends
As you can see by the cover on the right, this comic features a very sexy Little Red and her Big Bad Wolf. There are various spin-offs of Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales, you can check out their comic page for more.

“The Grimm Universe heroes and villains from both past and present are here but not one of them is safe! Sela, Belinda, Calie, The Piper, Sinbad, Baba Yaga, Anna Williams, The Queen of Hearts and a over a dozen more are in grave danger and nothing and no one can be taken for granted. The Dream Eater is coming and it will stop at nothing to take what it desires! Who is it? Where does it come from? And what does it want? The answers are coming and they will shake the very foundation of the Grimm Universe to it’s core! The fi rst ever Zenescope crossover is fi nally here as good and evil both must fi ght against a common enemy that might very well be unbeatable.”

The Grimm comics are definitely on my wish list, I can’t wait to check it out.

Monster Hunters Survival Guide
There are loads of monster survival guide books out there, but this is the first I have seen in comic form.

“Monsters surround us. They’re everywhere; on TV, in movies, they haunt our nightmares… But are they real? Do Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies really exist? And if so how can we survive against them? At last here is the comprehensive guide every Monster Hunter must have! Whether you’re a weekend Bigfoot hunter or a hardcore Vampire slayer you simply can’t afford not to own this book.”

This is another comic I desperately want.

What do you guys think? Will you be picking up any of Zenescope’s comics?

– Moonlight

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  1. It’s not as though Red Riding Hood is not sexy, it is just that I think I am a bit overfed with this girl+wolf image, maybe boy+wolf might be better, even the same pose :D

    Anyway, it is weird that they put all those stories under the label “Grimm’s fairy tales” despite them having no connection with the Grimm´s.
    I don´t think that this is fair to the authors of the stories.

    Ps. you don’t happen to know who is the target group of these comics do you? I have a guess (teenage guys) but I am not sure, since this is clearly US American and therefore there are cultural differences.

    1. This is totally geared towards men lol. I can’t see a lot of women loving these comics much. Personally, I love sexy comics, but not all women have my tastes. ;)

  2. Hey… Doesn’t that RRh cover bear some resemblance to a comic book shown at the end of one of the Gingersnaps movies? I can’t remember which one it is because I just caught the last 30 or so minutes of it on HBO a couple of years back…

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