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You Can’t Please Everybody

It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while we get a complaint. Somebody who wants more werewolves, typically, and perhaps as one would expect, as the site is called werewolves.com. Why then do I write about, say, STRANGER THINGS when there isn’t a werewolf per se in the series? (There’s a Demogorgon, but not a werewolf.) You want the short answer or the long answer? I’ll give you both. The long answer is that we try to offer a variety; we seek to report on anything that might be of interest to people who dig werewolves. We seek to cater to a diverse audience. Most of our readers appreciate this approach. We get a lot more compliments than we do complaints.

The short answer is that we get more clicks when we report on STRANGER THINGS.

If enough of you want it, though, we could focus exclusively on werewolves. This would be limiting, as there is a finite supply of new material concerning werewolves. We’d be largely contained to repeating stories from folklore and talking about movies that we’ve all seen and talked about before. Or we can continue to cover cryptozoology, pop culture phenomena that is only tangentially connected to werewolves yet will probably appeal to werewolf marks in general, etc. and etc. You have the power. Not by sending us complaints. Anybody can do that. It is the language of the clicks that is most audible.

And in case we don’t say it enough, we love our readers. Thanks for tuning in!

The Evil Cheezman • June 16, 2019

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