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Would You Willingly Become a Ferocious Werewolf?

If given the chance, would you become a werewolf? Now, before you rush to the comment section and write “YES!” over and over, there are some terms. You don’t get to choose which type of werewolf you get to be in this game – I do. Bwahaha!

Almost every single day I read comments by readers expressing their desire to be a werewolf and it got me thinking. All of these people wanting to be a werewolf have a particular type of werewolf in mind. They don’t want to be just any breed of werewolf, they want to be the one they have imagined in their heads, their perfect fantasy wolf. That’s just not realistic at all – how many werewolf characters in books and films get to choose the type of werewolf they become? Not many.

So I am going to switch things up today. Instead of you choosing the type of werewolf you want to be, I am going to pick it and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you would willingly allow someone to turn you into such a wolf.

Here is the werewolf…

In human form:

  • For the most part you are your average, normal human self.
  • The only werewolf traits you have in human form are enhanced senses, such as eyesight, sense of smell, and hearing. That’s it.
  • You don’t have control over your transformation. You transform EVERY night, not just nights of the full moon. The moment the sun sets you turn and once the sun rises you return to human form. You have no control of this at all.

In wolf form:

  • In werewolf form you lose your humanity. You are no longer your average, normal human self.
  • You become a killer. You run on instincts alone and have no human thoughts. You have no morals, no sense of right and wrong. You hunt and you kill everything in your path.
  • You aren’t a beautiful, natural-looking wolf. You look like a mutation between human and wolf.

After reading all of that, after reading about the werewolf I have picked, would you willingly become this werewolf? If given the choice, would you become this mindless beast? If your answer is yes, please tell us why you would choose this for yourself.

– Moonlight

About the Author
Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to werewolves and other supernatural beasties. She writes for top genre sites like Vampires.com and Werewolves.com. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and you may lose a limb. You can stalk her via her Twitter.


One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.

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moonlight • June 4, 2012

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  • Estie

    Yes I want to become a werewolve I dreamt of it as a child I want to become one I don’t bother about the other stuff about the danger that I can handle believe me

    • Christian Greene

      Did you get one???

  • Jade wolfe

    Yes because I can start a pack become an alpha and fight off the vampires who try to destroy our kind, I have many friends who are supernatural and I’m only a little bit i wish to become a werewolf for power o have always admired wolves and studied them for so long I Know there moments and what they mean, when they are happy and sad or mad and I know how they show power to the pack and other wolves, I want to be reckless and dominate to my superiours, I want to be a wolf I want to be what I love the most I already have the urges as a wolf now just to transform would make it complete. Email me at huskylover2728@gmail.com

  • WolfLoverPeyton

    Yes! Because I have studied on werewolves since I was 4 i could never quit thinking about what I would look like if i was a furious wolf and it would help keep people away from me if I was a werewolf

  • Lai

    YES YES YES YES me wolfwolf. I always want to become a wolfwolf than anything plz let me become werewolf.

  • Josh

    Yes… Im willing to take the chance, i wanna become one because ik that deep down its trying to get out. I can see it in my eyes, my anger, and my sense of protection when threatened. Now il i must sound stupid but idc, i wanna become my true self and find out what the animal inside me is. I want to become my true self.

  • Josh

    But if i accept this ill do it on one condition, u will give me the ability to control the animal inside me, reply to me as soon as possible

  • Tamar Champion


  • Tamar Champion

    Allow me because I want ultimate strength and a sense of good smell and hearing

  • Jerome Simms

    I want to be a werewolf because, I want to good Senses in general and be In the pack and lead it

  • Sikander Khan Dsk

    i want to be like this because i am tired of this fucking useless life

  • Joseph Johnson

    yes because I can handle it

  • Grayson McClung

    Yes would because I can handle it because I cant handle being a human and I feel like I lost a part of myself and I would be willing to be a werewolf and my brother all was see to treat me like a lone wolf and I would be the only person to handle this kind of power and I do not have a mother and my dad is go so much over the weekend and i would like people to respect me and I feel like I was meant to be a werewolf . Oh please please I would like to be a werewolf and I just mess up everything.

  • Scott

    Yes I definatly would because all my life that’s all I have wanted to be and can’t stop thinking about it no matter how many times I try I still would my email is Scott-Tomlin@outlook.com please help me


    i WOULD like to be this, but moon, can i please have my human mind????????????????? i would not like to hunt everything in my path, plus not knowing a thing i did. thats just…… wow moon……. *looks at wolfsbane page* yes this stuff comes in handy!!! *puts all around bed* ok now u can turn me

  • Yusuf Nw

    Yes! i would want this form of were wolf ..reason is that there are no desire of choosing a werewolf i would love to be..the matter is i will be a werewolf ..my dreams of becoming one will come true thats it

  • Kaela Melius

    pppllleeeaaassseee make me a werewolf! As long as I can stay faraway from family and friends, being a werewolf would be just… has anyone ever felt like they… just love werewolves and you just so deeply want to be one? I feel like I am alone in this one but… i just want to have the feeling of knowing that I’m not an ordinary person with boring human abilites. I feel like It would just be so nice to go out into the night and not be afraid of anything because your the biggest, toughest thing out there? Please someone, support me on this and please help me to feel like i’m not alone in the werewolf world. Please help me to feel like I am not the only one with such a deep passion for these strange beasts! PLEASE!

    • Kadric

      Same buddy I feel the exact same way and just fight off some creatures that try to attack you like I don’t wanna be this boring human being I want to be a werewolf and just know I’m something greater

    • Jake Waddingham Whitty

      I all ready am one

      • Bipper Pines

        Can u turn me?

      • Wheezing BigFoot

        Would someone contact me about this i’ve been looking through ways to turn into a werewolf and i havent really gound anything to help me

  • Tiana Standish

    what are the symptoms because im always angry like since last week i’ve been angry badly like ripping someone’s head off angry and hungry what does this mean??? if i’m not one please turn me i’ve always wanted to be one I don’t know why I just do its my dream oh I also dream about a guy and its weird someone is talking to me in my head a man he keeps saying they are real and sometimes he’ll yell at me help?????????????????? you might think Im a weirdo

    • Christian Greene

      you might be shifting into one soon 8

      thats what that means now what kind?

      not the ones this guy who wrote this article says (you’ll have control in almost any breed unless you pact with the devil or do really heavy dark magic that gives demons control of you, and this is coming from almost every werewolf I’ve ever convinced to let me see them transform so you’ll be alright) but you won’t be safe from evil even when you become one you’ll still be a human in the sense god looks at you although he understands what you are now (just try not to go insane and kill everyone because you cant control your instincts), but if you use it for good (because all werewolves are is the manifestation of the spiritual able to act on the physical plane) then cool your a “hound of god” now (oh yeah start believing in god tex or u know damnation and YES there’s a god whether you believe or not even the werewolves I’ve seen believe in him and they have a choice just like you do YAYY!! ;D.

      Oh one more thing if you haven’t been dicking around and doing spells just to get rid of boredom like I’m doing (I might become accidently one day I don’t care anymore anyway) your probably a born werewolf get over it there’s no cure that doesnt involve killing you unless it’s black magic related (again best to just stay one considering your options) period.

  • Zombiethan Vorster

    Hi I rally want to be a werewolf so my answer is yes please do it for me please

  • OshlieOmarRios

    Over many years I have loved dogs, and more importantly wolves and werewolves. In my opinion yes I would like to be one and the werewolf you said we’d become can be controlled, sure it might take years beck for those who can control their anger, stress, and other emotions could probably control the beast inside within days, weeks or months. Though why call werewolves a beast when they were just like us, kids, teens and adults who wanted to become a werewolf, who wanted freedom. I say that being a werewolf would be awesome, but I’d rather be a human with the ability to turn into abwolf and a wolf humanoid than be a wolf who turns into a human. I say yes but I also say no because the way you say what wolf we become is just how you imagine it. Me I imagine everyone has their own wolf form inside who wants to be a wolf. So everyone can control their own wolf and if the wolf you say we’d become is what you think it isvthan you just don’t have any control over your wolf. If your wolf is the real way a werewolf should be then prove it to me and compare yourself to other werewolves that you’d know. And remember a werewolf may be a werewolf but they are also human and a wolf, try remembering what it means to be both a human and a wolf. “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack”.

  • Luna June

    Yes I would, not because of my engage sense to kill, but because I am a creature of beauty. I beast not to be trifled with, if I am so fore the beast is the article let it be so

  • OshlieOmarRios

    I wish I could be a werewolf right now. I’ve been thinking about it constantly and everyday it’s like a new idea oops in my head of I’ll even be thi bling in the middle of work, “Why am I even here? Why can’t I just run out into the wilds be with a pack and feel like I belong instead of living as just a regular human being”…. is it normal to think this way because I wanna be a werewolf or am I just thinking of a way to escape humanity. If a real werewolf is reading this please tell me if this just means I wanna become a werewolf or even have theb potential to be one of us it just me wanting to be freed from regular human lifestyles?

  • Hailey

    I just wish to be a wolf, and even time I try something goes wrong and im lucky there has been no trouble so far I have asked 2 werewolfs to bite me and both were uncomfortable to do so, they are still my friends. I have also tried many spells but the timing has just been awful most of the time the clouds have prevented me from making contact with the moon but I feel in my hart that im meant to be a werewolf and I know all the pain and trouble that comes with it so im asking if anyone can help me find the perfect spell to transform me into a werewolf if you know of a way please let me know I have been trying for about a half year now to become what I desire most, a werewolf!

  • Dale

    Yes I would. I have had a fascination with werewolves since I was little. Have had dreams about them off and on through my life and I’m not wanting to become one for the killing but to allow my inner beast inner spirit to be free and not be inhibited. I would find ways to prepare to stay away from loved ones on change nights, maybe in a forest . I just know that it has been an urge that I have never shaken, always felt like an outsider.

  • just a nobody with no life

    Simple answer, if its anything like that description and the picture in your article, yes, it would mean to suddenly climb up several levels of biological evolution and to become a superior lifeform compared to meaningless primates who struggle just to go on, and would not survive a close encounter with such a beast, except maybe if it was dumb enough to run into a unit of spetsnaz in full gear… then the poor thing would die anyway by “lead poisoning”, its a sad truth that most things on earth are too easy killed by guns, as humans are weak and useless compared to even natural predators like a Siberian tiger when naked and unarmed. but being a werewolf like that would be at least a fun way to live… being a human is boring as fuck and humans just aren’t as tough or strong as monsters of myth or natural predators, ask anyone who got an accident, or lost a limb or something just cuz the body of a human isn’t made to survive as much as most big predators evolved for toughness and strength, but humans only developed their brains and tools, a trend that will probably end in human race becoming like the grey aliens of scifi shows, meek lil guys with hyper tech but pushovers when it comes to body by it self, and that’s literally devolution on a biological level… not worth the work. So yea. Werewolf yay, human, nay. Too sad they don’t really exist, it would be fun being biologically superior to any human being and most animals on earth.

  • Paul Ely

    Oh my god I’ve always dreamt of becoming a real werewolf I have the I dont know side effects like always hungry I get pissed very easily and my finger nail grow long and sharp it doest matter how often I trim them they always grow long and sharp so please i beg you yes make me one if you have to curse me with it

  • thatoneguy

    For as long as I remember wolfs fascinate me and I have taken time to study them in books and in person. I have devoted my life into becoming one of these creatures, but have failed on many occasions. It has come down to this and I am ready for the change.

  • Jalen Mosley

    yes yes yes.. its always been my dream to be a werewolf forget the side affects I just want to be set free please make me a werewolf please

  • Tyler

    It’s been my dream just plz I have always wanted to be on just plz I have always wanted to have sharp teeth and that fur so plz make my day ITS MY DREAM PLZZZZ

  • Tyler

    If I do get chosen make me get far away from my family and I am alone and don’t have much friends so it will work so make my day I have always wanted to be on with the beast

  • wolfyboy

    no. if i’m gonna be a werewolf, i want to be in FULL control! and preferably not TOO much pain, or AT LEAST have the pain get LESS with each transformation! and i ALSO wanna be able to change at will. OR by wearing my wolf pendant! what YOU described sounds to ME like a CURSE! and i don’t want that! i want a BLESSING! being able to turn at will, and control myself. even though becoming a werewolf or wolf furry is my BIGGEST or shared first place biggest wish!

  • Jacob Curtis


  • michael john D. castillo

    Yes i will accept it as long as i will be a werewolf..every night i pray for becoming a werewolf..so please make me a werewolf..

  • Janet L terry

    Yeeeeeeesssss please. Would love to see if it actually works. Plus I love werewolves, I know one friend of mine is. But I never see him anymore. So yes I want to be a werewolf

  • Kaylee

    yes I would like to be a wolf to be honest i don’t know why but i don’t care what become i also i just love dogs i will take the consequences to this please accept it or not but if you do thank you

  • Spring Trap

    i wouldn’t really care…

  • Me

    Yes … I want to become a wolf because satan chose this path for me. Please obey satan. Or else…. Bad things to come.

  • Jon

    I wanna be a werewolf like the ones on teenwolf

  • vijay

    well iam just curious human form is the evolved form of an ape!!! and
    werewolf is just an overgrown wolf.. both from different species ,
    different genetic codings!! then how the hell its possible for a human
    to transend his primal state from an ape to an wolf ?? if you say its
    evolution… then you may go to hell….if it exists though! dah!!! just
    coz you’re bored dont create your figment of imagination in other
    people’s mind. hey same goes for me…. but all iam saying is human
    becoming a werewolf is scientifically impossible

  • Zombiethan Vorster

    Please make me a werewolf…in this world I am lonely and…to me I want to be a werewolf so my anser is yes please make me a werewolf

  • Memio Jeezo

    About the transformation, actually you can control when you want to become werewolf or human without night or else. the transformation depends on you…and if you watched any movies about werewolf, they killed many people but in real life, you will not kill someone unless you want to…and one more, you will become clever werewolf not stupid fluffywolfie, you know whats wrong and right



  • Caleb Max Davis

    yes I Really want to become a werewolf please help me and you should choose the wolf that I want to be Please help me.

  • Caleb Max Davis

    if you want to help me please Email me at: davismonwroymn156@yahoo.com

  • Vendetta

    I wonder if its actually possible to control yourself during those uncontrollable moments of transforming but I too wish to become a werewolf I’m not going to beg if no is no then I will submit for now

  • Christopher De Silver

    Please Turn me into a werewolf you can Choose What ever werewolf you want me to be, but jest give me the Spell or something that could turn me into a werewolf and I want to give out my Soul for Wolf Soul. I want to be part of the kingdom of wolves the legendary of werewolf. Here’s my email davismonwroymn156@yahoo.com or You Could even email me at christophercdavis347@gmail.com! And my Name is Christopher Caleb Davis please help me. And please email me thank you.

  • Bipper Pines

    Hell yeah ..kik:alexloquendo759840

  • Mikazuki Gaw-id

    Yes! Reason? Well i want to be one. Just that. The world became too boring a bit for the likes of me. Freedom is what some people want even though they can’t interpret it. To be able to free my ‘repressed instincts’ as some may call it , is one step ahead of fulfilling it.

    Besides, people call me an animal fir my behavior anyway, so why not make it real? Then i can unleash all my pent up anger on them. Twice the fun :)

  • Gamma Wolf

    I may regret some things but I would love to be one the reason why is because it means I get to be free til morning and I get to live a adventurous life.

  • Mojo

    I’ve been practicing witchcraft way over 40 years now and still haven’t found a way to create a Spell to become a Werewolf. If anyone has an answer in becoming one, contact me at….. KeeperoftheMystics@yahoo.com

    Blessed Be!

  • Mojo

    I truly love it when people say that werewolves don’t exist. And how would you know that they don’t? Just because you have never seen a werewolf doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Throughout history, werewolves have been mentioned. So you’re going to say that history is wrong. How long have you live on this earth to say that they are not real?