Would You Willingly Become a Ferocious Werewolf?

If given the chance, would you become a werewolf? Now, before you rush to the comment section and write “YES!” over and over, there are some terms. You don’t get to choose which type of werewolf you get to be in this game – I do. Bwahaha!

Almost every single day I read comments by readers expressing their desire to be a werewolf and it got me thinking. All of these people wanting to be a werewolf have a particular type of werewolf in mind. They don’t want to be just any breed of werewolf, they want to be the one they have imagined in their heads, their perfect fantasy wolf. That’s just not realistic at all – how many werewolf characters in books and films get to choose the type of werewolf they become? Not many.

So I am going to switch things up today. Instead of you choosing the type of werewolf you want to be, I am going to pick it and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you would willingly allow someone to turn you into such a wolf.

Here is the werewolf…

In human form:

  • For the most part you are your average, normal human self.
  • The only werewolf traits you have in human form are enhanced senses, such as eyesight, sense of smell, and hearing. That’s it.
  • You don’t have control over your transformation. You transform EVERY night, not just nights of the full moon. The moment the sun sets you turn and once the sun rises you return to human form. You have no control of this at all.

In wolf form:

  • In werewolf form you lose your humanity. You are no longer your average, normal human self.
  • You become a killer. You run on instincts alone and have no human thoughts. You have no morals, no sense of right and wrong. You hunt and you kill everything in your path.
  • You aren’t a beautiful, natural-looking wolf. You look like a mutation between human and wolf.

After reading all of that, after reading about the werewolf I have picked, would you willingly become this werewolf? If given the choice, would you become this mindless beast? If your answer is yes, please tell us why you would choose this for yourself.

– Moonlight

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Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to werewolves and other supernatural beasties. She writes for top genre sites like Vampires.com and Werewolves.com. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and you may lose a limb. You can stalk her via her Twitter.


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  1. I Would choose This While not around my family… I least I have some degree to sense not to kill family. I could be in a quite neighborhood and spend my days having to lock myself in my own house at night.

  2. Well I just hope I look fucking deadly and more wolf like…ya know? Human-wolf hybrid but more wolf like features i don’t know if it would be possible…ive tried EVERYTHING!! This is my only hope..do what you have to but please do it quick…I don’t feel connected to humans anymore…i want to embrace my werewolf already

    1. Agreeing with this guy right here all the way … but perhaps I would not like the entire hybrid thing :/

  3. I wanna become one because I know something is missing in my life….. I am not that good in sports or popular or loved by anyone….. My life is just too straight… I don’t want to be famous or loved by it but get a change….. I am tired of looking at mirror and seeing me half like something is missing and I cherish my humanity and I think I can control the curse and turn it for boon(as everyone call it a curse rather than using a boon)if u know how to be one let me know…. I have posted request on many sites and researched a lot and I think I am close to trace one as I have some evidence with me…. Tough evidence

  4. Hell yes in a heart beat choice or not being able to wake me up and remember being free, running fast as shit, the power running through the veins!

  5. yes. i jus want to become a werewolf so i can feel what its like not restricted to the rules human made. ‘i go by my own rules’ is what i want. going by my guts and never my brain nor rules

  6. i’ll tell you truth i seek nothing other than having the ability of a wearwolf. since i was 11 i always wanted to become a werewolf, if that is the kind of werewolf i were to become i would move away. far away in the woods as far away from civilization as possible. and no matter what anyone says i will find proof of werewolfs. even if it takes me years. never stop trying to achieve your dreams. no matter what.

  7. I don’t care what kind werewolf I am and I don’t care if people get hurt as long as it’s not my grandmother

  8. I like werewolves a lot its note time and I need to hear real werewolves outside my window growling and howling I live in Agawam MA someone please let me know when it will be here.

  9. Yes i would, my reasoning for this is such that of anyone else psychotic enough to also say yes. I have a certain need to quench my need to listen to my primal instinct and this is the best way i can do so. Now i don’t see a problem with this type of wolf rather i see it as a challenge, a way to tame my need for blood if you will.

  10. I would still become a werewolf because i fell like its the real me because i get so angry to the point where it feels like i ewant to kill something thats why and also to get away from all the pain.

  11. I would willingly become that beast bc that’s what I always wanted to be and nobody is gong to Chang my answer I would love to be a beast I would no everything bc I can hear everything around me so nobody can lie to my face bc I heard everything that that person said and nobody would fuck with they wouldn’t even try it

  12. I will willing be a werewolf because I really need a break from my life, being a werewolf would make my life more interesting. Nothing has worked out for me and I really want to be a werewolf so I say yes to becoming a werewolf.

  13. Yes, I still choose to be the one with the moon and I have my reasons. Two of them is that of it being my dream my whole life and that of making my life more interesting and challenging. If you choose to make me what I wish to be, I’d be grateful. If you do, just message me, thank you.

  14. Yes.
    I have a strong drawing to this. I won’t argue with it and I have never had a predefined image of what I would be

  15. I want the ability to be able to transform into a killer and an animal because I want to be able to transform into a human and into a werewolf whenever I choose if there’s any spell or any necklace or anything that’s cursed by a spirit werewolf I want them I do get a scratched by selling my soul if I’ll get anything that has werewolf

  16. I wouldn’t mind, to be honest I crave freedom. Freedom from human kind, the freedom from the body and life I have to something more. This may be just a funny page for fantasy but I spend most of my days howling, growling, and feeling as if I am ment for something more out of the mind. So yes I would like to become a werewolf, I accept the human mutation.

  17. I’d love this itd be all of my lusts and desires for power I just hope I can become the monster I want to be.

  18. I would say yes and yes one more time it sounded more interesting and fun when I read more and more into it

  19. I would love to become this kind of werewolf. It might have its ups and downs but IDC. I’d use my hintened sences to help my friends. And I’d run in the woods down the street from my house. And plus I’ve been trying to become a werewolf my whole life. Because it would be a dream come true.

  20. For the longest time, I wanted to become a werewolf, but the older I got the more I realized it wasn’t possible. However I have fully convinced my daughter that I am werewolf and the blood of the wolf runs in the family lol. Now me and a small group of individuals in my home town have formed a “pack” if you will. We don’t speak about it or mention it in conversations. We all have the same tattoos and live to protect one another and will do anything for our brothers and sisters. We like to think we are wolves of sorts. Becoming part of the pack isn’t easy either. You have to earn the trust and respect of the pack before considered to join. After all we are a family. We may not be blood related, but the bond we have makes us family. Before you ask lol no, we are not a “gang” a “militia” or anything like that. We don’t go out and hurt anyone or rob banks or whatever. We live our lives and protect ourselves. We hunt to gather and we have cookouts etc. The pack considers me to be the alpha since I was the one to start the pack. Now, that does not mean one can’t challenge me for the right to be alpha. I’m very proud of my family, but we all know “if “and only if the opportunity ever arises, we would become the wolves we we’re always meant to be.

  21. yes i would but every time the sun set i would run far away from my home because i love my family so much i could never hurt them but being a werewolf and running free and seeing the world from a werewolf perspective will be a journey i will willingly become a werewolf

  22. Yeah I would because I think it would be cool and plus I don’t like normality anymore. I want something more than just normal.

  23. yes, i do agree with the terms however i dont want to kill my entire family as a wolf and not find out about it till the morning nor do i want to end up biting someone in the middle of the night and force them to be a werewolf but i want to be free even if it means im not in control it would be nice to let all the built up stress out over night. although i also dont want to kill a lot of people especially people that dont deserve it

  24. I wouldn’t mind, to be honest I crave freedom. Freedom from human kind, the freedom from the body and life I have to something more. This may be just a funny page for fantasy but I spend most of my days howling, growling, and feeling as if I am ment for something more out of the mind. So yes I would like to become a werewolf, I accept the human mutation

  25. Yes I would love to become a werewolf. I keep having the same dream where a werewolf is looking at my from the woods he does nothing but stare at me. I want to feel the strength I want to feel the transformation. please give me this opportunity to become one. I would give up everything to become one.

  26. I would like to turn into a werewolf I am bullied abused assualted everywhere. Even my parents don’t believe in me

  27. I would like to become werewolf because when I am in nature I just like to jump run like a wild wolf. I feel some connection to do it. It’s not a force of a habit but for some reason when I am in nature I just like to do as all wolfs do.

  28. Listen I would like to be a werewolf because I am sick of being pushed around and being normal all I want is to live a un normal and different life

  29. Yes have wanted to be one for the longest time. Want to embrace the transformation from man to beast so badly. Let my instincts run free and howl my lungs out.

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