Worst Werewolf Movies for Your Viewing Displeasure

Eyes of the WerewolfWay back in the day, when I was much younger, my friend and I would purposely watch terrible B-grade films just for laughs. We loved those lame movies. The worst the better. Which brings you today’s post!

There have been a lot of werewolf movies made. Some of them are spectacular displays of horror and art, while others are total disasters. Those awesome films get a lot of love, but obviously, the craptastic films don’t. So I say let’s give some love to the awful werewolf flicks.

Here are some of the worst werewolf flicks ever made (trust me, there are A LOT more):

Eyes of the Werewolf
In this awful film, a laboratory accident leaves a man blind and at the mercy of a not-so-great surgeon who performs an accidental eye transplant. Unknown to everyone, the new eyes were taken from a werewolf. Of course, shit gets crazy the next full moon.

The Howling II… and pretty much every Howling sequel
Do I even need to give you a description? I think everyone feels about the same on the Howling sequels – they all suck. However, having a Howling marathon would be perfect for a bad movie night.

darkwolfDark Wolf
This werewolf flick is so bad it only has 2 stars on IMDB. It’s about a werewolf stalking the streets of the big city in search of its mate. Yeah… not a winning story. Oh! I can’t forget the werewolf effects! The CGI is so god-awful and cheesy it’s cringe-worthy.

The Werewolf of Washington
This is a horror/comedy from the 70s. This movie is about the White House press secretary becoming a werewolf and a threat to the president. Bababuuuum! While a bad movie, it’s an entertaining one. It’s one of those ‘so bad it’s almost good’ movies.

This werewolf movie is famous for being bad, so of course I couldn’t leave it off the list. In this movie, an archeological dig uncovers the remains of a werewolf. What follows next is obvious – someone gets infected and mass chaos ensues.  Everything is this movie is bad – the wolf, the story, the actors…etc. It’s garbage.

And there you have it werewolf lovers, a few movies you will totally hate. Ahaha! As I said above, there are many more bad werewolf films out there, these are just a couple. What is your least favorite werewolf film?

– Moonlight

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  1. I’ve seen all of the above, and I hated them all too. But, still, I watch them whenever I’m in for a really bad B-movie – haha!

  2. Most people say An American Werewolf in Paris is bad. I saw the movie when I was little, I liked it, but when I was little, I liked everything

  3. there’s this movie called Dino Wolf and oh sweet Jesus….. I was laughing so hard I started crying! the wolf dummy they use is so bad it looks like they bought it at a Halloween store. the acting is horrible and there’s a chick in it with a terrible underbite that all you can to is laugh harder. Not to mention the plot is garbage. im watching Dark Wolf right now and laughing my ass off!

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