Wonderfully Cheap Werewolf Book Deals!

I recently discovered this fantastic website that offers loads of kickass book deals for those with e-readers (Like the Kindle, Nook… etc.) and I just had to share the awesomeness with you! Dailycheapreads.com regularly gives readers updates on books available for under $5, and if you check the site every day you can even score a lot of books for free.

Doing a werewolf search today I found a bunch of great werewolf books for ridiculously cheap, hurray! Here’s a look at some of the current deals:

(Click titles to view on Amazon)

Vampyre Kisses by Elizabeth Kolodziej
Vampyre Kisses is an enthralling story about a young woman named Faith who is thrown into the magical world of vampires and werewolves. I read this book a while back and loved it (read my review here)! You can get this e-book for only $2.99!

Werewolf Upstairs by Ashlyn Chase
About a bored attorney named Roz Wells. She used to have such a knack for attracting the weird and unexpected, but ever since she took a job as a Boston public defender, the quirky quotient in her life has taken a serious hit. Until her sexy werewolf neighbor starts coming around. You can get this e-book for only $2.39!

The Wolf Series by W.D. Gagliani
You can get the second and third books in this series (Wolf’s Gambit and Wolf’s Bluff) for only 99 cents each (the first book is at $6.39, making it less than $3 for each book). The series is dark, twisted and perfect for the horror lovers.

Cry for the Moon by William Woodall
This award nominated young adult book is a highly unusual variation on the traditional werewolf tale. It tells the tale of Zach and the hard choices he has to make, and the journey those choices take him on. You can buy this book for only $1.47!

That’s just a small look at some of the deals available right now, you have to check back often to see what new ones pop up. Also, keep in mind that some of these prices are temporary, they may go up in the future, so buy while they’re still cheap!

– Moonlight

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