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-Wolves on a Killing Spree? Color Me Skeptical.

First off, let me issue an advisory before any of you click on this link. It contains a photograph of a dead dog that some of you might find disturbing. The dog is the reputed victim of a wolf attack, as are two goats and two llamas.

I’m going to quote directly from the linked article, in order to refute the idiotic comments made by the owners of some of those dead animals: “Wolves are not afraid. They’re bad and they’re getting worse.” “To me, [wolves are] that scary creature in the nursery rhymes. They’re a horrible creature. People have to know the ugly stories about them, the ugly truth about them. They have done so much damage. Something needs to be done.” And by “something needs to be done” this person probably means the wolves should be killed off. Exterminated. Driven back to the edge of extinction and pushed right over it.

How do they know wolves were responsible for these kills? Because a trapper told them so. *A* trapper. A *trapper.* (Can you hear the sarcasm as you read these words?) As in, one person. Not a wildlife biologist. A *trapper.* “Wolves are not afraid” claims one victim. Uh, yes they are. They are VERY wary of humans. “The ugly truth”? Here’s a little truth for you. Those attacks were far more likely to have been carried out by feral dogs or wolf-dog hybrids. The latter two do NOT have an instinctive fear of humans and are known for being aggressive. And there is no way a freakin’ *trapper* can examine the body of a dead animal and be able to say conclusively what kind of animal killed it, beyond saying it was probably a group of canines.

I do feel bad for the people losing their animals, I do, but I don’t think wolves did it. And their demonization of wolves is straight out of the Middle Ages. That mindset is dangerous. Ignorance is dangerous. Please, people, THINK.

The Evil Cheezman • June 20, 2019

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