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Wolf’s Museum of Mystery – Reborn!

It’s still in the gestational stages, but I’m so glad to see that a new sprout has started growing from the scorched stump of the Museum of Mystery. Readers may recall how the MOM was destroyed by fire after relocating from St. Augustine, Florida to New York State. As the days passed and the grief gave way to numbness, proprietors Wolf and Ali Mertz continued to dig in the rubble of the repurposed antique church building that was to be their new home and the new home of the museum. Little by little and piece by piece, we realized that the MOM had not been completely destroyed.

Wolf and Ali recently purchased another historic (circa 1854) former church building, the former First Assembly of God Church, this one in the town of Friendship, New York (formerly the community of “Bloody Corners” due to its high levels of crime and bloody history). For the past three decades the old church building has operated as an antiques store, and the full stock of antiques came with the purchase. The building will be the Mertz’s home, as well as serving as home to the NEW Museum of Mystery! The antiques, along with the artifacts from the original museum that survived the fire, will make for a good stock for the stew that will become the new MOM. In addition to the museum, the Mertz’s plan to transform the building’s main cathedral into a gothic wedding chapel.

And of yeah, the vibrant pink former church is reputedly haunted. Perfect!

They’ve already got stuff available for sale. Check it out on their Facebook page.

The Evil Cheezman • July 18, 2019

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