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Wolf’s Museum of Mystery Destroyed in Fire

This is breaking news, literally and metaphorically. The to-be location of WOLF’S MUSEUM OF MYSTERY, a deconsecrated church in Wellsville, New York, was destroyed in a fire over the weekend. Everything is a complete loss. Owners Wolf and Ali Mertz had just gotten there and just gotten everything moved in. They hadn’t even started unpacking yet. They were looking forward to opening in May. And now it’s all gone. I am devastated. I cannot even imagine how they must be feeling.

In addition to losing all their exhibits, each one a unique piece, one of a kind and irreplaceable, and their home, the Mertz’s also lost all their menagerie of pets in the fire. This is beyond heartbreaking. I feel sick.

I gotta get to work.

The Evil Cheezman • February 11, 2019

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