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Wolfpack Brothers Weigh In On Captive Children

Remember the “Wolfpack Brothers“? I do. I seem to recall that I wrote an article about them some time back. (Ah, yes. Here it is.) The Wolfpack didn’t have it as bad as those thirteen kids who were just freed from their parents’ “House of Horrors” in California, though; THEY at least got to watch TV. Also, I don’t recall reading about them having to share space with the decomposing carcasses of animals and piles of rancid feces, the way the California Captives reportedly did. That’s always a plus. Also, the thirteen kids in California–and I use “kids” here loosely, as some of the captives were grow adults–were kept shackled and were starved. By contrast, the Wolfpack kids didn’t have it so bad.

David and Louise Turpin are religious wackjobs who abused, neglected, and tortured their children supposedly because God told them to. The father of the Wolfpack brothers who kept them locked up was a religious wackjob, too; his deity of choice was Hare Krishna. The Wolfpack Brothers were the subject of a documentary, appropriately called THE WOLFPACK, released in 2015. I wonder if the Turpin kids will get their own documentary. I wonder if they’ll ever be fully enough recovered for that.

The Evil Cheezman • January 30, 2018

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