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Wolfie Blackheart: Taking the Werewolf Thing Too Far?

It’s hard to say; there’s very little information online as to whether this girl was ever convicted on animal cruelty, –but back in January, Wolfie Blackheart, real name Sarah Rodriguez, was a media sensation after she severed the head of a stray dog and posted the photo on her Myspace profile. Wolfie Blackheart is a self-proclaimed werewolf, part of a gradually growing subculture of people who consider themselves real werewolves. Blackheart claims the dog was brought to her after it had been run over by a car. She cut its head off, snapped the photo, and presumably began preserving the skull.

After growing up with a taxidermy enthusiast, it’s fair to say, this is pretty normal behavior for anyone interested in preserving animals or skulls. It’s also a legitimate career, –if a bit morbid. However, the fact remains that she may have actually killed the dog beforehand, –many of her defenders are misinformed about her past with animal services. The Rodriguez family, (consisting of Sarah and her mother), had been previously visited by animal services officials because they owned too many dogs in too small a space, the dogs fought regularly, and ‘Wolfie’ herself, was arrested for carrying a large knife on school property: she offered the flimsy excuse that she didn’t know it was in her bag.

Before that, Wolfie was arrested on a burglary charge, –she didn’t do it, she claims, she was just in the woods nearby. In 2007, Wolfie and family were also being investigated by local animal services for another complaint regarding animal mutilation. At this point, it’s old news, but there are still a bunch of people YouTubing their support for Blackheart. Before jumping onto the bandwagon, check the facts. The werewolf subculture is an interesting western phenomena, but that’s not what we’re scrutinizing here: it’s whether or not someone with a violent history towards people and animals is capable of cutting off a dog’s head. Whay say ye, werewolf lovers?

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annimi • June 2, 2010

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