Wolfie Blackheart: Taking the Werewolf Thing Too Far?

It’s hard to say; there’s very little information online as to whether this girl was ever convicted on animal cruelty, –but back in January, Wolfie Blackheart, real name Sarah Rodriguez, was a media sensation after she severed the head of a stray dog and posted the photo on her Myspace profile. Wolfie Blackheart is a self-proclaimed werewolf, part of a gradually growing subculture of people who consider themselves real werewolves. Blackheart claims the dog was brought to her after it had been run over by a car. She cut its head off, snapped the photo, and presumably began preserving the skull.

After growing up with a taxidermy enthusiast, it’s fair to say, this is pretty normal behavior for anyone interested in preserving animals or skulls. It’s also a legitimate career, –if a bit morbid. However, the fact remains that she may have actually killed the dog beforehand, –many of her defenders are misinformed about her past with animal services. The Rodriguez family, (consisting of Sarah and her mother), had been previously visited by animal services officials because they owned too many dogs in too small a space, the dogs fought regularly, and ‘Wolfie’ herself, was arrested for carrying a large knife on school property: she offered the flimsy excuse that she didn’t know it was in her bag.

Before that, Wolfie was arrested on a burglary charge, –she didn’t do it, she claims, she was just in the woods nearby. In 2007, Wolfie and family were also being investigated by local animal services for another complaint regarding animal mutilation. At this point, it’s old news, but there are still a bunch of people YouTubing their support for Blackheart. Before jumping onto the bandwagon, check the facts. The werewolf subculture is an interesting western phenomena, but that’s not what we’re scrutinizing here: it’s whether or not someone with a violent history towards people and animals is capable of cutting off a dog’s head. Whay say ye, werewolf lovers?


    1. Bro do we have any physical proof she did I mean it night look like it but that don’t mean it is true it could have been legit already dead

  1. Even if she did Kill the dog, which I doubt it if she bealives shes part wolf, which dogs are so close to wolfs only domesticated. why would she kill her own?. You really think she should be sent to a Mental Institution just because of something she bealives. I mean really?

  2. If she really thinks of herself as a werewolf she would have a more calmed demeanor I belive. Wolves avoid conforntation at all cost unless its necesary. You dont go around parading yourself that way in that case. I do think she should get some help…soon.

  3. this girl is crazy! first why would you kill your own? i believe the facts, this girl has a violent history, she is a juvenile deliquet. beleive the facts or beleive a criminal? umm thats hard to decide. i know plenty of people who think they are werewolves but they formed a pack and not once did they ever think about killing an animal. she needs some serious help. there is part of me that says she did it all for the attention. though and im think that might be true as well

  4. Hello,

    I am from Czech Republic and I recently came across this “Teen werewolves” thing. Quite interesting, their approach. Young people behind the “big puddle” are sometimes really interesting. These so-called werewolves maybe work together more as a real pack ( because I guess that it is nothing unusual to see teenagers as well as other age-groups gathering into groups with similar interests ) and maybe some other things too, their visage for example. In old-norse cultures ( and in Native Americans cultures too I believe ) there was a belief, that clothing yourself in a wolf hide ( or some other animal skin ) would grant you its abilities or even change you into it. So I see some similarity, when they wear these tails and eye-lenses, or go howling around and imitate wolf sounds. But the rest of their outfit looks more urban. And I guess they miss really those important things about wolves or werewolves. They are just so easily spotted, they actually draw attention, they don’t seem to be instinctual etc.
    I mostly agree with all of you people here. They are just young today and they will laugh to it in ten years ( more or less ). I like leaving longer comments than this one btw =)

  5. any1 gettin the feelin that this girl is insane? im not a werewolf…just some1 who wants 2 b…but she needs 2 get some mental help..its not right 2 b actin all like this…

    1. Listen have u ever heard of therians? People who identify as animals they aren’t furries I’m a therian myself I identify as a silver fox and a black wolf and I believe that in a past lives I was these animals. So technically not tru your statement and there is a mental Illness I can’t remember name but yea

  6. I really enjoy this site and this is the first thing I’ve come across that’s made me sad. This has nothing to do with werewolves to me as I love werewolves as much as anybody. Anyone who’s read anything about serial killers knows that a lack of empathy with other living creature is something to keep an eye on. A child who kills a living creature like a pet and is allowed to get away with it is on a dangerous path. It’s so easy to go from lack of empathy for an animal to lack of empathy for another human being. This crap enrages me so much. I can easily say if I caught someone in the middle of mutilating my beloved dog I woudn’t have to be a werewolf to give them a thorough beating.

  7. i hope she burns, and fucking shokes on her won blood as a bat attacks her!! haha fuck werewolves!! -VAMPIRE PRINCE OF SAN ANTONIO

  8. nick….dont b putting werewolves down, im a werewolf fan, but i also show respect 4 the vampires..the least u could do is show a lil respect 4 they werewolves, if there was no possible way 4 me 2 b a werewolf, i’d actually try 2 b a vampire, cuz they r both pretty cool. an believe what u want 2 believe crystal…u dont have 2 believe that they r real or not

  9. that is just retarded that needs mental help she’s crazy if i was a boy and be her bbboyfriend i would say see u sucker and just leave her on the streets i mean come on who in there craziest la la land would kill a kanine seriously get iit in ur head women werewolves r not real if they wrer we’d be dead by now how crazier can this get

  10. please tell me thet if you are bitin by a dog and start to acting like a dog all the time would you be a werewolf?

  11. you should never hurt your kind or any relation of your kind unless you were attacked first the higher ones should be proud of the fact that she wants to be different but she dousnt need to kill and lie to gain recognition…..and fuck allpeople who harm another animal the way she did

  12. Seriously? What is wrong with you people? That dog was a living creature that had every right to live and not be murdered and then have its head tossed around like a trophy. This “wolfie” has serious mental health problems that should be looked at immediately. As for the werewolf culture, tis just another vampire hot topic fad that shall fade as the acne starts to dissipate from teen girls/boys faces. I know people who dwell in that culture of filth such as “vampires” and “werewolves” think they are amazing, but all of it is just scooped up and placed in the emo/gothic genre and left alone because no normal people want to associate with them. That doesn’t make them edgy or cool it makes them antisocial, which leads them to seek companionship with other goth/emo kids which in turn defeats the whole purpose of becoming that way in the first place. What I’m trying to say is, get your heads out of your fantasies and into the real world like sports or language clubs or even JROTC cause frankly it’s disgusting and a blight among the youth of america.

  13. We can thank Twilight for all this dumb crap. Really vampires and werewolves are fake. Fiction. Stories. Please understand that people. If I ran around with a group of people claming to be zombies who rose from the grave etc etc everyone would think I was insane. This is the same basic thing it’s just hip and cool because of Twilight. You never saw this before those movies came out and made the series super popular with little kids right. I can understand the whole role play thing because I had friends who liked D&D and Magic the Gathering when we were younger. Hell even WoW kids get carried away with the fantasy sometimes. But they at least know they’re not really a mage or an elf or whatever. How many times have you seen a guy walking down the street with a wand dressed in a cloak trying to cast spells on people? Never. These kids are taking it way too far actually believing they’re werewolves. I actually knew Sarah and her friends from high school she was just a typical punker/goth kid like a lot of Texas teens when I was there. Now the “werewolf” kids are all over and it’s ridiculous. Play fantasy all you want but just remember it’s not real. Tyhat’s when it becomes dangerous like the Vampire serial killer kids that murdered the girls mom and dad and drank their blood back in the late 90’s.

  14. Well honestly i cant believe if she did it or not, i dont understand why people try to be something their not, it irritates me, but maybe shes faking but if poeple really believe she did this then they are gonna have to have pictuuresa of her actually eating a dog, i mean its plain simple, unless shes lieing but it illegal to even kill a dog so theres no way she couldve ate a dog, so i guess what im trying to say is that she just got caught lieing, but i dont have proof so its an opinion but i think this picture is fake, with fake blood and everything else

  15. But i hope she understands that shes not a werewolf and i hope and pray that she is older and mature enough to know that she is not a werewolf, so good luck to you “Wolfie Blackheart”, if thats even her real name but im not gonna say anything about it, so yeahh and charlotte i miss you girl
    ~Crank That Yank(:

  16. sierra even though she know she is human she believes she is a werewolf i say let her and dont pray its a waste of time thats what i love about America we can believe what we want remember there are pple out there that believe there witches

  17. I really don’t think she killed the dog… It’s ridiculous… I’m with her, like she said before that she’d rather hurt a human than a dog but still very unlikely… Go fuck off all you haters and go hate on something else…

  18. Actually, you haven’t checked the facts right. The police examined the carcass of the dog and confirmed that what wolfie said was true. It had been hit by a car and it’s injuries were congruent with blunt force trauma of that kind. Furthermore, having a past criminal history doesn’t automatically make someone more likely to kill animals. I’ve been involved in criminal things before, but I love animals. I might kill a prey animal out of prey drive, but not a dog. I relate a lot to her and it’s really unfair to be judging her based off what some internet sites say.

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