Wolf-Man VS Piranha-Man: Howl of the Piranha

Hahahaha -ahem- yea, I have to thank to the folks over at Werewolf News for bringing this beauty to my attention. A movie about a Wolf-Man battling it out with a Piranha-Man, a movie so bad that PETA tried to have it banned. Seriously. Check out the, uh, interesting synopsis from the movie’s Facebook page:

Piranha Man Versus Wolf Man: Howl of the Piranha details the epic generations-long battle between two of natures most perfect killing machines! The rivalry between the fish-like Piranha Man and the canine Wolf Man is one of brutal murder, familial kidnappings, stalking, and incest! When the decades old fight begins to effect the life of investigative journalist Lexi Glass, she finds that sometimes you need to become the story in order to report the story. She discovers the battle of a lifetime along with the horrible secret of her family’s past! Piranha Man Versus Wolf Man: Howl of the Piranha, the inter-species battle you’ve been waiting for!

Well, I can’t wait to miss this flick. But if for some reason you’ve been possessed by the B-grade movie spirits and have the extreme need to see Wolf-Man VS Piranha-Man: Howl of the Piranha it premieres at Facets in Chicago on May 15th. Doors are at 11:30 PM and seats are $5.00.

Ok ok, maybe I am being too harsh, after all there is a large B-movie horror fan base, people that love low budgets, gore and a high cheese factor. Three things this film totally has. Check out the Wolf-Man VS Piranha-Man: Howl of the Piranha trailer for yourself:

I wasn’t being too harsh, this movie looks like a bad high school film project. But hey, if you live in Chicago and dig campy horror movies then check it out and let us know what you think about it.

– Moonlight

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