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I received an offer a few weeks back to try out this new game called WIZARDS AND WEREWOLVES. While I didn’t have the time to take them up on the offer, I did find the premise of the game intriguing. Here’s what the message I received had to say: “Would you like to be among the first to play our soon-to-be-released outdoor game, Wizards and Werewolves? It’s like no other game – it blends the fun of traditional lawn games with the imagination of character-driven role-play. Wizards & Werewolves offers live action excitement, real-life strategy and mythical game play. Whether you’re into Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons, or Stranger Things, you’ll love playing this game that’s part hide-and-seek, part tag, and part zombie-infection chaos…Two mythical forces face off against each other in an exciting backyard battle of speed, skill and wits. Play as a Wizard to search for glowing crystals or bare your teeth and hunt as a Werewolf.”

You get to run around outside pretending to be a werewolf? Just stop. You had me at hello. What I find hard to believe is that there might be people who would prefer to play as a wizard.

WIZARDS AND WEREWOLVES is produced by Starlux Games. Find out more information and order yourself a copy at this link.

The Evil Cheezman • July 23, 2019

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