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With Just Three Episodes Left, What’s Missing On THE TERROR?

Overall the series has been excellent, but it isn’t perfect. There are some minor things they could do to make it that way. Or better to say could have done, as it’s too late at this point to change things. For one, I would recommend that anyone watching the show turn on the subtitles feature of their television, if they have one. AMC provides closed-captioning for their original shows, and this one needs it. It’s hard to understand what everybody is saying. If I were the director, I’d be shouting “Enunciate!” to all the players on a constant basis. You can follow the story satisfactorily enough even when you’re losing individual lines, but this need not have been an issue at all.

Of equal importance is the issue of the monster. First, they need to utilize it more. We simply aren’t seeing enough of it. Secondarily, and this is more a matter of personal preference than anything else, they should have gone with practical effects. They chose to use CGI to create the Tuunbaq, and they chose to make it look like a big polar bear with a human face. I would have preferred something more, well, monstrous. Something more alien-looking. Some of the advance footage I’ve seen from the forthcoming episodes does suggest the Tuunbaq will look more impressive in those episodes, and be more omnipresent, so there’s still time for them to change my mind in that regard.

The Evil Cheezman • May 15, 2018

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