Will Werewolves Kill the Vampire Craze?

The big question on the minds of many bloggers today is “can werewolves kill the vampire craze?” I have been wondering that myself, is it the time where the werewolves take over the vampires? Maybe, maybe not.

The thing is, as kickass as werewolves are, they lack many of the elements that make vampires so desirable. There’s no pretty immortality, no ancient elegance, no sexy/thrilling appeal. With werewolves you have a ferocious beast that gets all furry. Sure, New Moon showed us that werewolves can be fucking hot, but that’s only one uncommon view. Even with the success of New Moon werewolves still haven’t taken the limelight from vampires.

“Vampires have always been more popular because there’s a romantic element,” Slantmagazine.com film critic Nick Schager said. “They’re striking, dashing, and there are sexual components to the legend.”

Nick is right, vamps have all of these romantic possibilities and while there are werewolf romance stories out there none of them compare to the success of the undead tales of forbidden love.

If you were to check out the bestsellers section at the bookstore you’ll most likely see something like this – 25% Angels, 25% Werewolves and 50% Vampires. There is no question that werewolves are way more popular now then they were 5 years ago. But will they surpass vampires or will the increasingly popular angels take over both?

We have had werewolf fads in the past, every few years they rise out of the ashes and are reborn just like the vampires. You’ll go years without hearing much on either, then suddenly BAM they are everywhere. But even though vampire fever is cooling down and werewolves are shown more and more in entertainment it doesn’t mean that they’ll get the same amount of success. On that note, a lot of people expect the R-rated Wolfman flick will knock vampires on their ass. But while it will draw in horror-loving adults, it won’t appeal to the tweens who seem to control the whole damn world.

As much as I love werewolves I don’t think they can rise above vampires, or angels for that mater. Sure the new movie The Wolfman and upcoming Twilight movies will continue to give the wolves a big dose of love but I doubt it will be big enough to start a full out werewolf frenzy. Unfortunately.

Oh well, popularity aside I still adore the furry beasts… especially when they have the body of a perfectly tanned god.

What are your thoughts on the whole deal?

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


    1. No idea, but they keep getting more and more popular for some reason. Last time I checked out the book section at the store loads of them were young adult angel books.

  1. I think perhaps it is because most werewolf stories have the werewolf be otherwise “normal” meaning they age etc, were as angels and vampires are always immortal attractive superbeings. I mean so many people can get past the bloodsucking as long as they can forever look cool etc. but turn a little furry on occasion and its game over. It is so unfair.

    Since is seems that teens especially teen girls rule the trend market maybe it is simply because dogs (werewolves) are man’s best friend but diamonds (see sparkly twilight people) are a girl’s? :)

    1. i so dont get that so they get a little furry ohlala but vampires will suck your blood while a werewolf would try to keep contral and warn you to leave but in the movies the women always stays like wtf there is a werewolf thats about to kill and he told you to leave but you stay that makes zero sense and i think werewolves will kick vampire ass and angel ass as they do now so i think that will happen WERWOLVES RULE VAMPRIES DROOL

  2. well i started a novel. Its been getting good reviews so far so ill try to finish it. Maybe ill try to put some vampire appeal in the main character, who is a werewolf.

  3. … Werewolves are awsome, I don’t know what the appeal is for vampires(cause they suck so much), and I could care less for the Twilight series(being a guy). I like werewolves because of the animalistic traits, and just because of the portrayal of them in certain books like the Old World of Darkness books, in which is I can honestly say, they have WAY more appeal in those books than in any other possible series.
    Vampires are more just a corrupt race of human-like beings that should just all burn in hell(!!!) for being the murderous beings they are.

    1. they should burn in hell werewolves will kick there ass even the angels ass (being a girl i dont care for the twilight series) wich is werid every girl love the twilight series well every girl but me =) werewolves will kick ass and vampires will die out of there kind so bye bye vampires and hello werewolves kicking there ass (and the angels ass also) =)

  4. I think that even though werewolves could overtake vampires, they lack many well backed-up tales. They are totally sexy in human form but then it gets hairy and throat-ripping, so people loose interest in them. Unlike the vampires who have only one form and drink blood but I still dont understand why they like the even more evil vampires. Hopefully, they will make a rise. Soon.

  5. I’ve always loved werewolves more than vampires. When I was a little kid, I always wanted to play dinosaurs or werewolves. And I STILL love werewolves, but I can’t find any good young adult stories about them. It saddens me that werewolves don’t get enough attention the way vampires do.

    It’s true that media is controlled by teenage girls, and teenage girls like vampires more. Unless you’re me; I’m a teenage girl and I think werewolves are way sexier/badass than vampires. (hello, Blood and Chocolate movie)

    I hope in the future there will be some good authors who will take pity on us werewolf lovers and write us a good series.

    1. i hope vampires die out of there kind and so do angels why wont they die =( die vampires die!!! die angels die!!!! when will you die when some one writes a book that vampires die and so do angels because the werewolves wiped out the kind!!!???

  6. Alright, I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and I’ve loved werewolves ever since I could pronounce the word. And now I’m officially dedicating one of my books (with werewolves) to this blog. Keep spreading the werewolf word! :)

  7. Here’s why werewolves will never be more popular than vampires.

    Vampires are fake. They live an empty life that they’re trying to fill by pretending to be people. And everybody loves that. Everybody connects to that. Oh, and when a vampire feeds, it’s so intimate that they might as well be having sex. And then you’ve got people like Tom Cruise who show how they can be smooth about everything (and then we go on to the fact that THAT guy’s been a smooth secret agent, too).

    Werewolves represent wild life. The majority of the people that connect to that are too busy living life than reading books and watching movies (“majority,” not all). Werewolves rip things to shreds, which is fucking scary. Even if werewolves aren’t all hairy all the time, you’re a lot more likely to find a hairy biker werewolf than a secret agent wolf.

  8. I’m a teenage girl and I love werewolves way more than vampires. My friends like vampires more for some reason but I’m always able to get them to vote werewolf when it comes to boyfriends. I mean who wants a room temperature boyfriend? It is just cold. Like a table top, or a rock. There are new werewolf myths that have them live longer now. Like in the Twilight series Jacob can live forever as long as he keeps shifting. Then you have the Mercy Thompson Novels (By Patricia Briggs)where werewolves aren’t immortal they are just immune to ageing, which is basically the same thing. Also werewolves are just as hot as vampires in human form if not more so. When shifted, if you watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, (I’m a big fan) even those werewolves look more like cute massive puppies where as the vampires with their fangs out are pretty unattractive.

  9. I am a soon to be 14 year old girl, and I am disgusted with the whole Twilight thing. I sure as hell love the style of werewolf Meyer used, but after I finished the series, I turned around, went to my mom, (who had read the series and was worried about what ideas about self esteam, etc. I would get) and said, and I quote, ” those books really sucked!” Now, typed words have a hard time conveying tone, so I’ll just say I said it with genuine wonder at how such an atrocity ever dveloped into a fenomina, (sp?) let alone published.
    My taste in werewolves has evolved since then, (I was 12 at the time) mainly from the self-exposure to the many genres. My favorite, as of yet, is the style used by such famous artists (on deviantART at least) such as Qzurr, Meyenia, darknatasha, and the infamous Golden wolf, who is THE most famous werewolf/anthro artist in deviantART.

  10. Vampires have a sex appeal thats unparraled by werewolves and vampires never change form its much more of a life style then a curse and I hate twilight and could care less who won what when it comes to that…Don’t get me wrong though werewolves are awesome

  11. hey late post but i have too say were wolves and zombies are my favorite monster’s for nothing scares me more than something that remotely look’s non human but once had our trait’s and that scares me more bye i know i know zombies don’t deserve a post on here but hey give em credit they are pretty damn scary and well werwolves would most likely be right up their with them seeing as vampires are too snotty too be amongst them bye and also vampires couldn’t take them on so yeah werewolves and zombies bye my all time two favorite monster’s also leather face so yeah those four bye he’s human heh heh i know bye

  12. try living as a werewolf ,.. try to control an uncontrolable rage ,… try and control the urge to kill …

  13. That’s just recent media making vampires look sexy and immortal while they make werewolves weak as hell and age like normal humans. when really vampires would get their as handed to them by werewolves revery freaken . and you can’t make references to twilight there are no werewolves in it. just lame ass shapeshifters looking for “mates” and leaches that “sparkle”, WTF?

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