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Will Werewolves Kill the Vampire Craze?

The big question on the minds of many bloggers today is “can werewolves kill the vampire craze?” I have been wondering that myself, is it the time where the werewolves take over the vampires? Maybe, maybe not.

The thing is, as kickass as werewolves are, they lack many of the elements that make vampires so desirable. There’s no pretty immortality, no ancient elegance, no sexy/thrilling appeal. With werewolves you have a ferocious beast that gets all furry. Sure, New Moon showed us that werewolves can be fucking hot, but that’s only one uncommon view. Even with the success of New Moon werewolves still haven’t taken the limelight from vampires.

“Vampires have always been more popular because there’s a romantic element,” Slantmagazine.com film critic Nick Schager said. “They’re striking, dashing, and there are sexual components to the legend.”

Nick is right, vamps have all of these romantic possibilities and while there are werewolf romance stories out there none of them compare to the success of the undead tales of forbidden love.

If you were to check out the bestsellers section at the bookstore you’ll most likely see something like this – 25% Angels, 25% Werewolves and 50% Vampires. There is no question that werewolves are way more popular now then they were 5 years ago. But will they surpass vampires or will the increasingly popular angels take over both?

We have had werewolf fads in the past, every few years they rise out of the ashes and are reborn just like the vampires. You’ll go years without hearing much on either, then suddenly BAM they are everywhere. But even though vampire fever is cooling down and werewolves are shown more and more in entertainment it doesn’t mean that they’ll get the same amount of success. On that note, a lot of people expect the R-rated Wolfman flick will knock vampires on their ass. But while it will draw in horror-loving adults, it won’t appeal to the tweens who seem to control the whole damn world.

As much as I love werewolves I don’t think they can rise above vampires, or angels for that mater. Sure the new movie The Wolfman and upcoming Twilight movies will continue to give the wolves a big dose of love but I doubt it will be big enough to start a full out werewolf frenzy. Unfortunately.

Oh well, popularity aside I still adore the furry beasts… especially when they have the body of a perfectly tanned god.

What are your thoughts on the whole deal?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • February 14, 2010

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