Will Tyler Attempt to Break the Aztec Curse?

The rest of the season of Vampire Diaries is going to be pretty action packed; there’ll be answers, and god, does it show that I really can just -not- wait for the show to start again? My god, will Thursday ever come?! One blogger brought up a really good question though, and the producers actually responded. But, I’m rambling, the question is: After Tyler had such a painful first transformation, the horror, and the pain, –what if he decides to sacrifice Elena for the sake of breaking the curse for the werewolves? I see, said the blind man. Is that where the storyline is heading? Imagine if the werewolves began fighting with the vampires for the chance to break the curse: if the werewolves break it, their curse ends, but the vampires stay in the dark. If the vampires break it, they can come out, but the werewolves are still screwed.

Mandi from Popwatch has the scoop and, viewers be warned, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

The Vampire Diaries returns this Thursday (The CW, 8 p.m. ET), and if you’ve picked up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which includes teases from the cast and exec producers, you know that the vampire-werewolf showdown is officially on. Let’s let Michael Trevino, whose Tyler Lockwood just survived his first painful full moon transformation as a werewolf, break it down for you. SPOILER ALERT! “We have Tyler, who is a werewolf, who becomes very close to a vampire [Candice Accola’s Caroline], who he thinks is the only vampire in town. And then he starts to actually like her. And then once he finds out the truth, he feels a little bit betrayed by her. But then he also wants to hear out Stefan [Paul Wesley], and how he’s saying we can coexist. And then you have Jules and Brady [the friend of Tyler’s dearly departed Uncle Mason who Jules was chatting with on the phone in the last episode who soon arrives in town], who are like, ‘No, don’t listen to them. You don’t want any part of that. This is the way it’s supposed to be. We’re not supposed to be friends with them. You shouldn’t be this close to Caroline. Trust me, it’s not good for you.’ So after all this, all these people coming into Tyler’s head, he has to make a move: What does he want to do? Which way is he gonna live?”

Now here’s where things could get seriously interesting: Tyler doesn’t yet know about the ancient Aztec curse that limits the powers of vampire and werewolves, that it’s what keeps (most) vampires from walking in the sun and the wolves’ transformations tied to the full moon. He also doesn’t know that if a wolf breaks the curse before a vampire (cough, Klaus) does, wolves won’t be forced to change every full moon. They could choose to change whenever they want to – or never again. “Once he learns that bit of information, I think he’s gonna fight to find a way to break that curse,” Trevino says. Sounds like the actor may have good instincts: “I don’t think that spoils too much to say that yes, that becomes very appealing to him,” exec producer Kevin Williamson says. “He does not want to go through that [transformation] again.” Two more things to remember: Regardless of whether you’re a vamp or a werewolf, the ritual must still be performed — which means Elena (Nina Dobrev) would still need to be sacrificed, and once a vampire or werewolf breaks the curse, the other creature is eternally screwed. So if a vampire breaks the curse first so all bloodsuckers can walk in the sun (and not just the Originals or those with witch friends), wolves will forever transform on the full moon. If a wolf breaks the curse first, the vamps stay in the dark. I’m always wrong when I try to guess what will happen on this show. These “spoilers” have just been what fans would logically expect Tyler to be thinking — it’s the twists that Williamson and fellow EP Julie Plec throw in that we can’t predict. But why don’t you try anyway… How do you think the werewolf-vampire confrontation will play out for Tyler? Will he actually try to break the curse if Elena’s blood is needed?

Well, allow me to answer: Tyler can always be counted upon to do the wrong thing. Always. How will the confrontation for Tyler turn out? Bad. And will he actually try to break the curse, even if he has to sacrifice Elena? Most likely. He may not do it in a rude way, per se, like, intentionally screw with her or try to kill her, and he’ll probably be influenced, or used, because, even as a hot werewolf, Tyler is a tool.


  1. Although one thought just hit me: the doppleganger is not the only participant that gets sacrificed. From Season 2 Episode 9 it looks as though the participating werewolf and another vampire have to be sacrificed too, soo…

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