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Will There Be Vampires in Teen Wolf?

Where there are werewolves, there are usually vampires nearby. Shows and movies like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and Underworld all feature mass amounts of werewolf vs. vampire drama and many are wondering if Teen Wolf will follow in their paw prints. Well, thanks to San Diego Comic-Con 2011 we have an answer – a big no! That’s right, Teen Wolf will be bloodsucker free!

“There will never be vampires,” Tyler Hoechlin (werewolf Derek Hale) promised. “Vampires have been nixed. But other supernatural creatures, I think there’s an open mind.”

Just in case the actor’s word isn’t good enough, the show’s creator and producer Jeff Davis, has confirmed that there will be no vamps. “We’re werewolves for now. I always say there will be no vampires on the show, but ask me in five years when we run out of ideas.”

So, as of right now there will be absolutely no chance of vampires. However, he is saying that maybe one day, when they run out of storylines, there may be some vamp action. Hmmm.

Instead of going with vampires, they’re switching the story up by adding other shapeshifters, similar to True Blood, they will have an assortment of were-animals.

“It’s more, mutations of werewolves,” star Colton Hayes (Jackson) hinted before Jeff jumped in, “Werebears. Wearpanthers. There’s a whole list of ideas…”

The Comic-con interview also revealed that there will be more werewolves on the way!

According to Jeff, “By the end of the season, not everyone makes it out alive and not everyone necessarily makes it out human.”

So there’s a chance one of the characters we already know and love will be turned into a werewolf. I wonder who it will be? It would be interesting if it was one of the werewolf hunters. Who do you think it will be? And who do you think will die?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • July 29, 2011

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