Will There Be Vampires in Teen Wolf?

Where there are werewolves, there are usually vampires nearby. Shows and movies like True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Twilight and Underworld all feature mass amounts of werewolf vs. vampire drama and many are wondering if Teen Wolf will follow in their paw prints. Well, thanks to San Diego Comic-Con 2011 we have an answer – a big no! That’s right, Teen Wolf will be bloodsucker free!

“There will never be vampires,” Tyler Hoechlin (werewolf Derek Hale) promised. “Vampires have been nixed. But other supernatural creatures, I think there’s an open mind.”

Just in case the actor’s word isn’t good enough, the show’s creator and producer Jeff Davis, has confirmed that there will be no vamps. “We’re werewolves for now. I always say there will be no vampires on the show, but ask me in five years when we run out of ideas.”

So, as of right now there will be absolutely no chance of vampires. However, he is saying that maybe one day, when they run out of storylines, there may be some vamp action. Hmmm.

Instead of going with vampires, they’re switching the story up by adding other shapeshifters, similar to True Blood, they will have an assortment of were-animals.

“It’s more, mutations of werewolves,” star Colton Hayes (Jackson) hinted before Jeff jumped in, “Werebears. Wearpanthers. There’s a whole list of ideas…”

The Comic-con interview also revealed that there will be more werewolves on the way!

According to Jeff, “By the end of the season, not everyone makes it out alive and not everyone necessarily makes it out human.”

So there’s a chance one of the characters we already know and love will be turned into a werewolf. I wonder who it will be? It would be interesting if it was one of the werewolf hunters. Who do you think it will be? And who do you think will die?

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  1. Wow–the more I read those quotes, the less I wanted to watch the show; especially the “ask me when I run out of ideas” quote. Ugh. As if that show could become any more stupid and cliche (I was sort of hoping that it would get better with time, but now I see that there’s no hope for MTV).

  2. I can’t wait till there are more werewolves/werebears/wearpanthers and other “were” animals. I’m kind of glad that vampires wont be making an entrance into the story, I think they should stick with human-animal combos for everything. As for who that we know who may be a werewolf, I say Jackson (he’s already been scratched but that might just be a hook in the plot) or Allison (since her parents are hunters and she was dating Scott, who cant seem to get away from her). With the werewolves, the only thing I don’t like is that they just made their eyes change and gave the sideburns and claws, they don’t exactly look like my idea of werewolves, but everyone has a different opinion(maybe there are different werewolf forms like how the Alpha looks different, or how Derek’s sister could turn into an actual wolf). I honestly thought the show was going to bomb, but it’s turning out much better than I expected.

  3. I definitely applaud the choice to keep vampires out, and I hope they stick to it whether they run out of ideas or not.

    I’m not excited about bringing other shape-shifters into the mix. Other animals can make sense in international contexts, ie werebears in Russia, werefoxes in Japan (kitsune), weretigers in China, whatever. But I think they would be overkill for this show, and here’s why: Werewolf stories work best on intensely personal terms. You don’t need more characters and more types of shifters, you need to get deeper into how the curse affects your existing characters’ lives. I think they’re risking turning Teen Wolf from a horror/drama series into an action/sci-fi series. That would be a huge mistake.

    1. (Just a note–kitsune are foxes that change shape into anything(people, other animals, and inanimate objects),not the other way around. Common misconception)

      I second this, actually. What’s the point of titling the series “Teen Wolf” if you’re going to have some sort of were-croc or something? It cheapens something that’s already a bit…well…cheap. That, and it also seems like they’re admiting to not having a very creative screenplay staff…

    2. Nani’s correct about kittsune… and if you wanted to be more specific, they’re a type of spirit.

      But yeah, bringing in an assortment of other werecreatures could lead to a “monster of the week” syndrome that I’ve seen with other shows. 1st season Angel started off like that before they started focusing on an actual plot and characters. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had that from time to time, but I feel it was kept fairly well on task with characters and plots overall… and the 2nd season of Dark Angel turned into “monster of the week.”

      The idea is nice of featuring other types of weres and keeping out the vampires. Buck the trend if you have vamps, must have weres… and let the weres encounter other critters before some sort of blood sucker.

      As far as Teen Drama goes, the show is largely pretty good, I’ve see worse and as an adult, it’s harder to hook my interest in a teen type show, so Teen Wolf’s got a certain spark going right for it.

  4. Good and bad. While I am glad their will be no vampires (after all the reason werewolves end up on vampires shows is cuz they are superior and need tem to make a good show :))
    However, I am not a fan of the trend you can find even in books of unleashing every other supernatural beastie on one little community. I say keep to werewolves and the occasional other creature but do not become supernatural or shapeshifter central here. It cheapens the mood and feeling of a show once you have to decide oh! a new character! what messed up monster are they going to turn out to be! :( After all if supernaturals were so plentiful then the regular people who populate these shows are either extremely blind or dumb with all the various creatures lurking behind every corner.

  5. Its a shame that vampires seem to be the only ones with the privilege of battling an assortment of supernatural creatures, while werewolves only confront, mostly,other werwolves and vampires. When we see vampires take on other monsters, we see how badass and amazing it is to be a vampire. If we really want werewolves to be viewed as bad-ass,and just as amazing as vampires, we have give werewolves that privilege as well.

    1. It is unfortunately very true :) In every vampire shows we see werewolves in second seasond, right? And always it is werewolves whose ass-kicked :) Now, The only werewolf-based show, doesn’t want vamps to get in to the show… which proves the absolute defeat of werewolves against vampires in battle-field that is 100 percent clear. After this moment on, we can only see accidental werewolf victory in vamp shows when a vampire is bitten by a DOG in order to show WW not extincted :) So, Why should i be a werewolf fan anymore? They are lame, they are captured by human hunters whom can easily be defeated by vampires, they always lose interest and become ridiculous because they always lose fight they make, what else? no doubt that vampires are superior then werewolves, even no need to compare.

  6. I said i wanted to see werewolves fight other monsters, not vampires. Adding vampires would just make the show the same as any other supernatural showon the air (Twilight, Vampire Diaries, True blood) and, i doubt, the creators wanted that. Those were vampire shows, they always make werewolves inferior to vampires. I know your talking about Teen Wolf when you mentioned, “They are lame, they are captured by human hunters whom can easily be defeated by vampires.” In fiction, there are always a top hunter. The one whos skilled and smart enough to take down the monsters he or she hunts; that was Kate Argent in the show. It shouldn’t surprise you, she had Derek in the palm of her hand before.

  7. Well one question! i hope you guys can answer!!!
    WHO REALLY BIT SCOTT!!? Cause at first i thought it was Peter but Scott’s still a wolf! :/
    Next thing:
    What is DEREK really!!!! up to?
    DiD peter turn Scott’s Mom?

    I thought TeenWolf would be just as cliched as Twilight (the book is better than the movie). BUt its rather interesting! I like the whole drama but there are so many unanswered questions!!!!
    Cant wait for 2012 :)

  8. i love teen wolf!! I hope there will be a movie if successful, though instead of love and alpha werewolves how a total new transformation for scott’s werewolf powers added with super speed enhanched strangth and abillities + sencess but before that, he has to go through hard ski fi/ horror maddness if neededd to find the boss of them all the original beastly wolf who has been through hell and knows what there is to know about this earth’s shity miserable life and lives under it waiting for some dude only to knock on his door and be awakened somewhere in a haunted castle,
    Just to get away from his messed up life back home and tour somewhat!!

  9. if not, well just make a game that has the elements of the show but a totaly different storyline but a pinch true to its own, it doesnt have to be exactly the same as the show just danm scary and fun with level ups, health, speed, attack, sencess, hearing, jumps, rage, strangth oh and points to unlock outfits and skins!!!


  10. also free roam + a choice to kill innocent civilians, taunt dogs destroy thugs and goons jump on roofs of your neighbours house and just stare at the moon!

  11. For one thing i hope that they DO NOT put in vampires because every movie has vamps and werewolves, i mean vamps get their own movies and shows, why cant the critics let the werewolves have their spotlight for once, i dont get it but i do not want vamps in the show or they will have one less fan to watch it because i get sick of vampires in everything i mean who cares about them, i like twilight but thats different but the name “teen wolf” should only be abouit werewwolves in the title, because vampires in it wont make sense, so there is my opinion about this
    ~Crank That Yank(:

  12. Well…. I’like werewolves and vamps they both are power full but why the werewolves are
    not emortol. “soory for my worng spellings”

  13. I think that they should bring in vampires but not for a while they should wait 2 to 3 seasons wait & see how popular it is and if the views are going down thrn have a moment were scott becomes an alpha or something n theres mysterious killings n he sniffs it out only to come face to face with a vampire and the views should shoot back up i love teen wolf n id like to see vampires but not for a while wait till season 5-7 then you should defo do it ive talked to all my freinds who watch it were in our last year of school and about 25 out of 30 ppl i asked agreed with vampires so thats why you should because more people want vampires more than people dont

  14. Well teen wolves cool…though you guys are right they’re are too many werewolves /vampire drama…though the huge scary monster thing,don’t like the idea.
    But the thing is were wolves are easily defeated by humans while vampires crush humans!. I’m more of a vampire fan ,they’re much much swift sorta. Also werewolves don’t have a great transformation form…

  15. well, i think that sould have vampires in the show because whereever is wolf there is a vampires and where is vampires there is wolfs, they are natural enemies. but its just my opinion

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