Will ‘Teen Wolf’ Star Be The New ‘Spider-Man’?

“‘Spider-Man’ is getting younger. For the next movie in the series, our favorite swinging superhero is heading to high school…”

There are a lot of rumors flying around about who is going to step up to be the new Spider-Man, –according to recent report, Andrew Garfield is ditching the Spider-suit. Which makes sense, honestly, because it’s going to be pretty hard at this point to convince people that he’s a high school student. And the next Spider-Man movie is going to be set in high school. 

Dylan O’Brien is one of the front runner for the role, especially after his starring roles on both The Maze Runner and Teen Wolf. His competition for the role is Logan Lerman from the Percy Jackson franchise. So lend a lot of happy thoughts and support: the Teen Wolf fans need to band together and send out waves of positive energy to make sure a werewolf and a spider can make great movie babies.

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