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Will Kate Moss be the Invisible Woman?

I do *not* mean the Marvel superhero of the same name—although that is in itself an intriguing idea. I’m talking about the forthcoming movie from Universal set to be directed by Elizabeth Banks. SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read past this point if you have yet to see THE INVISIBLE MAN!

At the end of the movie, when Kate’s character, Cecily, leaves with the indivisibility suit and a first notch on her gunbelt, having murdered her tormentor, Adrian, and smiles at the camera, I said to myself, “Of course. It makes sense now. Now I understand why they’re making THE INVISIBLE WOMAN.” Only it isn’t for sure that the latter will be a sequel to the latest film, or will even be connected at all. And Elizabeth Banks is rumored to be starring in as well as directing THE INVISIBLE WOMAN. So maybe the titular character won’t be Cecily after all.

Here’s what Leigh Whannell said about Cecily’s future: “I don’t know…I never think about a story beyond the borders of the story. Like, I never think, okay, what does she do after that final scene…I’m not sure what she does yet…[the murder is] probably not a pattern…probably [Cecily is] just getting rid of this one problem. It’s like a tumor that she’s cut out of her life.”

If Cecily is meant to be the star of THE INVISIBLE WOMAN, then, it seems nobody has told Mr. Whannell.

The Evil Cheezman • March 15, 2020

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