Wild Game: New Werewolf Movie Based on Unreleased Comic

Kind of backwards, isn’t it? The reviewers and bloggers are calling the film ’30 Days of Night with werewolves instead of vampires’; they don’t know how right they are. 30 Days of Night actually began as a comic book as well, after its unsuccessful film pitch. Unphased, writers instead went for a comic book angle. With ‘Wild Game’, the approach is similar, if slightly reversed. Wild Game is actually a new comics series, brought to life by Tim Seeley, creator of the popular Hack/Slash franchise. The series hasn’t even been released yet, and has already gotten attention from some pretty big talent in the film series.

Before I go into the movie/comic plot, I just want to say that the art I’ve seen on Bloody-Disgusting is frigging fantastic, and I -rarely- go for graphic novels or comic books. With that out of the way, the plot! Werewolves have been hunted almost to extinction by humans, forced into hiding, except for a few clans who get together every so often for one hell of a shindig. Annually, they kidnap a bunch of runaways and homeless people, drag them to a remote location, and then… you know, hunt them to extinction. Which is only fair, –says me, a very passionate werewolf advocate.

Kevin Seamus plans to write the adaptation of the comic books; Seamus achieved fame with films like The Forgotten, and the popular Battlestar Galactica franchise. His work in the film industry isn’t just a few lines on an occasional DVD jacket, which is a relief, considering the frequently horrible scripts floating around out there in the horror genre. And unlike certain other bloggers (*cough* MrDisgusting *cough*) I’m not going to bitch about other werewolf movies, because I’m just glad to see a few every year, whether they’re fighting the undead hordes or not.

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