Why You Shouldn’t Do the Werewolf Diet

“It seems like we hear about a new diet every day. Paleo, Atkins, low-fat, low-sugar; the list goes on and on. You might think you’ve heard it all, but have you heard about the Werewolf Diet?”

Eat like a werewolf and lose weight? Apparently… it’s really bad for you to eat this way, so if you’re thinking that eating like a werewolf, according to phases of the moon, is going to help you get into those skinny jeans and out of those sweatpants this winter… well, no. The sweatpants are warmer anyway. 

And just because Demi Moore is doing it, does not make it healthy. I also had to pick this story because a) it was interesting, and b) it was from my hometown news site. The take-away, Kansas City is awesome, werewolf dieting is bad, and you’ll probably just get fatter. 

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