Why the Wolf?

Those that believe that werewolves are not real creatures but simply legends of folklore and beings made for our entertainment, sometimes wonder why the form of the wolf was chosen. What is it about the beauty of the woods that sparks such fear and awe all at the same time? So, out of all the creatures that could have been chosen for the werewolf legend…why the wolf?

One of the main reasons that it was the wolf’s body that was chosen for this part of folklore is due to the strong physical form of the wolf. There’s no question that wolves are strong creatures. And there is virtually nothing in their environment that will stop them from attacking and conquering their enemies. The wolf is the biggest physical animal threat in many areas of the world. This is true for North America, Europe, Australia, and many parts of Asia. Yep, pretty much just about any country in the world sees the wolf as a large threat. This is not only because of their large size and strong force, but also because of the sheer volume of them. Wolves are harder to eliminate than other species because there are so many of them and they are so widespread. And even though they are physically large, they are also small enough to be able to outrun enemies quickly and dart through trees and bushes away from their own enemies.

Another reason why wolves are chosen to fill this role in folklore is because throughout Europe and other parts of the world, wolves were often blamed for killing animals and cattle that were raised throughout that particular country. Because of this, wolves were often thought of as being undesirable creatures and beings that were violent without prejudice. This too is another reason why the wolf form is blamed for turning man into beast.

My own personal thoughts on why it’s the wolf that’s the most common form of shapeshifting, and behind all the other werewolf legends? Because it’s fun to watch as humans grow immense amounts of hair in virtually seconds, watch their eyes become a sickly yellow, and see their teeth turn into long, jagged fangs! Simple enough.


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  1. When I transform I am a white wolf with green eyes and my fur is really thick but it is soft when it is not caked with blood. My old wolf bf looked exactly like that pic though, only he had ice blue eyes and his fur was blacker.

  2. i have a facebook. Im brown with baclk on it and my face as white and brown with a little tan. Sigh. i got bit when i was 4 or 5. been a wolf ever sense.

  3. You do know that the Brown bear does exist in Eurasia and North America as well do you? Dingoes are dogs not wolves, unless you want to ignore genetics. Were do you get all this crap?

  4. i know im only 10 but i think werewolves are awesome.i always believed they were real.you want to know something,i believed in werewolves before i believed in fairies.

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