Why Some in Hollywood Want to Tar-and-Feather Tarantino

With his latest movie ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD making news (and big box office), talk has resurfaced among those who feel that Tarantino ought to be run out of Hollywood on the proverbial rail. You may be wondering why. The answer, despite what some would tell you, appears to be complicated. We know that serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein, the slimeball, was producer on Tarantino’s films. Weinsten assaulted, or tried to assault, Uma Thurman. Not too too long after that happened, Thurman had a quarrel with Tarantino after he insisted she drive a stunt car in KILL BILL when she wasn’t comfortable in her abilities to do so. She crashed; thankfully she was alright, but she did suffer some injuries to her neck. She blamed Tarantino. I don’t doubt any of what Thurman is saying is the truth. I suspect Tarantino was negligent. Not maliciously so, but he probably didn’t take the precautions he should have.

Some have alleged that Tarantino did it deliberately, to get back at Thurman for “outing” Weinstein. Which, if true, would make Tarantino just as much of a sleazebag as Weinstein.

If that allegation is true, though, why would Uma Thurman’s daughter, Maya Hawke of STRANGER THINGS, have starred in ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD? And would Uma herself be in talks with Tarantino about the possibility of them doing KILL BILL 3, which is reportedly happening?

By The Evil Cheezman

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