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Why Do You Love Werewolves?

– Points to the title – it seems like such a simple question, right? Why do you love werewolves? But once you stop to actually think about it, it’s a bit more difficult to answer. What is it about these shapeshifting beings that you love so much? This is a post for all of you werewolf fans, one for you to let your voice be heard.

After overhearing someone ramble on about how they don’t understand why people like werewolves so much because “they’re just big smelly dogs with no self-control,” I got to wondering what it is about werewolves that people love so much.

I’m not asking why you want to be a werewolf, but why you like werewolves. Why do you enjoy werewolf movies, books and shows? What is it about the character that you find so entertaining and enthralling?

In most horror movies and books featuring werewolves, they’re these terrifying and ferocious beasts. Once in wolf form they have no control over their actions, their only thoughts are to hunt and kill. What makes them scarier in these stories is that you usually don’t know who the wolf is. If you like these stories, the frightening ones with werewolves that scare the hell out of you – why?

In other stories, usually young adult novels or girly romance novels, the werewolves are simply misunderstood people looking for love. They are angsty and want nothing more than to be loved for what they are. Why do some of you love these wolves?

Is it the scary monster draws you in, or the desire for humanity? There are many types of werewolves and we all have our reasons for loving them, what are yours? I know people that love all kinds of werewolves, to the point where they go out of their way to read every werewolf book they can get their hands on. They love werewolves as a whole – good and bad. But why? What is it about these magical beings we can’t get enough of?

Let me know in a comment below why you love werewolves. I’d love to hear from all of you.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • December 5, 2011

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  • Duke

    You know, my love of werewolves is more or less a side effect due to my love of wolves in general. they are beautiful , fierce, loyal and graceful animals, they only hunt and kill to eat, they fight amongst themselves for structure like we humans do and they always remain united. I wear a wolf’s tooth necklace, an item I have also given to my closest friends as I consider them my “pack”. To me werewolves, especially in such a varied media these days have been shown to be just as variable as people are and it’s not so much the wolf in the being that drives certain ones to be “monsters” but more the man. As soon as the person realises they have the power they go nuts from it and let it rule them, if they were more balanced as people it wouldn’t be such an issue. But that’s my view. I like werewolves for their potential.

  • Ryan

    My love of Lycanthropes as a fictional race is mainly based on my own preferred view of them: people who have to tame a beast inside of them or people who have to come to grips with their unique identity. I personally have never been a great fan of the idea that the human can’t fight back against their wolf instinct during their transformation (full-moon or not). I always feel that if a werewolf is strong enough to overcome their base instincts and turn their wolf-side to their advantage, they prove that they are worthy of the power that fate has given them. They choose not to become the monster that society expects them to be. This is the kind of werewolf I admire (and write about) and this is what has cemented them as one of my favorite fictional beings of all time.

  • Alec

    I love them because of all the power and the freedom they represent there so strong and fast and wild that they have so many options they don’t always need to kill just to kill in legends and they don’t always just have no control at all but I guess as a whole it’s the perfect mix between mans world and the wild world and the option to live in both

  • Vittorio

    In my early childchood I liked very much dogs. But when I was hmmm, about 12 I have spotted myself that wolves are better than dogs, they are wilder, more independent, stronger, faster than dogs. Just better.
    And I thought “It would be great to be a wolf, or better, a man and a human at once” – a werewolf.

  • Wolfy

    I love werewolves mainly for the beauty and fierceness. But truly they are great! Especially if they go full wolf

  • Agus

    I’ve always loved werewolves, i even remember when i started, i was 3 or 4 years old, and there was an old movie on tv about them, i remember i’d never heard their legend before, so when my father told me about it and made some funny/scary representations i got fascinated, when i saw the movie (it was not for kids, but that didn’t matter xD) it was as if i had found my true love, i don’t really know which part of the movie touched my heart, i thinks it was when he transformed, it was so amazing, my childish mind couldn’t conceive that a man turned into an animal, or maybe it was the loss of control and feral insticts that attached me, or the fact that he didn’t remember the bunch of bad things he did,or could be that at the last scenes his girlfriend realised it was him and treated him as a human being… i don’t know the whole movie was traumatising and awesome xD

    I guess my love for them is because they are still people, no matter how they look like, and the movie showed it. I think it’s a value lesson not only for werewolves it’s for all the people.

    • Agus

      Sorry if i misspelled something, i’m not very good at english

  • Isaac

    I would have to say that i like werewolves for the thought of the beast within. I my self am a pretty plain person but i have thoughts of how cool destroying things and just causing destruction is. What i love is that werewolves are humans but they have the power to cause destruction and mayham. Just being able to go crazy with that kind of power seems exciting to me. Besides that it doesn’t hurt that they’re part wolf. I love dogs and since wolves and dogs are closely related i like wolves as well.

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  • Justin

    I think it has to mostly be due to the duality they represent. Also because of the challenges in being one. Been a huge fan of werewolves my entire life.

  • Tally

    I love werewolves because of the stories one can tell about them. To me, the best werewolf stories are the ones that really stick to the roots of the myth, in which the werewolf inside represents all of man’s capacity for evil. The werewolf is the devil on your shoulder after a caffeine binge. It’s your dark side, high on all the wrong drugs and just itching to go wild in all the wrong ways. I don’t prefer werewolves that don’t fit this description because to me, that’s the CORE of the werewolf itself. Removing that to fulfill sexual fetishes and romantic fantasies just…It’s like writing a romantic novel about Charles Manson or Ted Bundy or something. I don’t mind compelling characters, but I don’t want to fall in love with monsters. And that’s what werewolves are: monsters. Meant to haunt nightmares, not saunter through daydreams. That’s how I feel, anyway.

  • Cheeze

    It really IS a hard question to answer…All I know is that my love for them started early because of Goosebumps. :)

  • Mel

    I love werewolves because they have a strong sense of family. They are also a good literature tool for bringing up human nature. I agree with some of the above posts that it is the human half that corrupts. The wolf half just gives the potential for power. the loyalness and Affection that they are sometimes depicted with are great also. Werewolves thoughts feelings and charateristics are very much alive in each and every person. They are easily relatible to and fun to read about.

  • Brett

    I love werewolves. I used to be vampire fan, but SM kind of ruined that for me. Wasn’t until I read Patrica Briggs series was when I fell in love. Just the simple idea of werewolves is weird, crazy, and yet exotic. It’s hard for me to believe that life is as simple as it’s portrayed as. This type of subject, paranormal, attracts me because it isn’t normal and it feels right… and it makes me happy. Werewolves are beautiful, dominate creatures that so happen to have super powers… yes I would love to become a werewolf, and yes I would love an alpha for a mate.

  • Leonidas

    I love werewolves because of the energy they put out, they taught me to be strong and caring for others. They taught me what it feels like to be a creature of the night, No matter how many times my friends say werewolves are stupid and vampires are better I will keep my faith in werewolves, they are my friends, they are my family, they are what I am :)

  • Samantha

    Well I have always loved werewolves. In the first nightmare I ever had was my mother turning into a werewolf and at 6 that will scare you stupid. I dont think I knew what they were before that. Later my drean changed and I was a werewolf working for God. Sometimes I think they have to be real. I have writen hundreds of short stories and one full length book all about werewolves. So if any one is interested in reading them let me know.

  • Ulric Helsing

    Werewolves are a metaphor for the human soul, and our eternal limbo between the world of humans and that of beasts. They are both a symbol of fear and one of hope (hope that we will all find a way to control the inner beast that lurks in all of us). I love these creatures because of what they represent, weather they be able to control themselves or not. Further more, being a bit of an outsider in my own community, I can relate to these beasts in the sense of being misunderstood, or even feared. In the metaphorical sense, I am no more human than they, and they no more beast than I. We represent some of the same values all the same.

  • Lucy

    I wish I could be a Benandanti werewolf. I LOVE the way they fight the evil Malandanti, an evil group of witches. The Benandanti werewolves could one day be my hero. *Looks off far into the distance*

  • bryanna

    i honestly love werewolves for the fact that they are just like us wishing to be loved by humans and be loved for who they are.they are like us looking for love in this empty world like everyone else but people cast them out for how they act and who they are.i wish i could be loved just like the werewolves are at every ending, (the happy endings). i also love how G they are with killing people and regreting what they did but learning how to move on in there life. And WHO DOESNT LOVE WEREWOLVES FOR HOW LOVEABLE AND UNREASIABLE THEY ARE!!!!!

  • Werewolf lover

    I love werewolves because the are like me. When angry they tear people apart. When they are tamed they are just people. They love to eat to, but when they do eat they are still skinny just like me. In fact i love werewolves and wolves so much i wish that someday i can be a werewolf.

  • Rot_Bart

    Pretty much I am enthralled by the raw feral power and freedom they represent and embody. On the metaphorical level they are an exquisite representation of a human’s animal instinct and nature that is beaten into submission and denied by modern life. They are in a way, an effigy of of my desire to completely cast off modern/city living and reconnect in a more direct way to nature and it’s ferine balance.

  • i love werewolves because there are angry alll time an in really life behind the moon light they are so strong like peoples i wan’t tobe werewolf not to kill peoples but to protect peroples from another peoples and for this i love them WEREWOLF is my passion…!!!

  • i give the life to be werewolf…!!!

  • tell me someone how can be the werewolf please…!!!

    • moonlight

      No One here can tell you that.


      Ardian,look inside yourself,not outside.That is the only way you will find the beast.Inside yourself.

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      Its time for warewolves to appear I live in agawam MA I WANT TO SE WAEREWOLVES NOW.

  • Victoria

    I love werewolves because they are strong, confident, intelligent, and protective everything I wish I was. They have been made out to be mindless blood crazed animals by those who do not understand them and fear them, but this is wrong. I belive a werewolf would be the best most loyal freind one could ever have and the most passionate and protevive lover any one could wish for.

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      You know what we should go on a search to r real werewolves and bring back real evidence to scare a lot of people.

  • Bill

    Being a long time fan of the Were-Creature lore, I find it disturbing that so many ‘fans’ of the genre come off as crazy nut-jobs who either believe themselves to be an actual Werewolf or they ask outright for help to ‘become’ one. Freud and Jung could write entire compendiums based on the responses from this page alone. I like the idea that Wolves are only one aspect. Were-Bears, Were-Cats, Were-Birds, Were-Lizards, etc. offer a multitude of intriguing possibilities. Imagine Were-Beast battles for the supremacy of all packs. Forget ‘Vampires’, THAT would be a story worth reading.

    • Jimmy Glaisef

      sooo… you haven’t read wereworld then?

      • Wolfman Jenkins

        As for me if I read it I want to find it literally.

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      Me I’m not looking for lore stories i want to see a real warewolf.

  • the beast under neath the skin the humanistic aspect of it is what intrigues me about werewolves bye

  • Jackson

    Why cant we all go wild like a WEREWOLf or Wolf . When you think about it humans are animals and why cant we behave like animas do, Well any whey I Like them becasue they are strong,cool,fast,there pack is like there family. I also Love Wolves maby thats why I like WereWolves being able to go Wild and kill with your pack. Well I have ALOT more reasons but that is a snippit of Why I like WEREWOLVES and Wolves :D

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      It should happen I like warewolves a lot its time to bring out the warewolf.

  • Jackson

    Oh, and being able to kill your prey and Howl at the Moon AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      Yes that’s what needs to happen.

  • Jackson

    I would give my life away to become a WEREWOLF or a WOLF :D

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      That’s good.


    There is a dark,animalistic side to every human soul.I think this is what attracts all of us to werewolves,the beastial side of man.In a way,we are all werewolves,are we not?

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      Yes we are.

  • Duncan Alexander

    Their unstable freedom and gratuitous volatility.

  • Robin-Ash

    I am a werewolf. But i don’t go furry and bear fangs. No what makes me a werewolf is I am loyal to my family and they to me. We need each other to feel complete. thier is love in our pack and we protect each other. Their is order amongst us that builds a bond between us. I am a werewolf because of my relation and understandance of them.

  • wolvesforthought

    I guess I like them because of all the good and the bad ,they have the instincts of a wild animal but they control themselves ,they love and protect their pack and chosen mate !!but there is so much more:)

    • wolvesforthought

      I wouldn’t want to be a werewolf but to be mated to one is my dream :)

  • HowlingX

    I agree with you, Duke. Wolves are almost different to other animals. Their not all for themselves, they stick together and fight to the end! Werewolves aren’t exactly like real wolves, so I’m actually so-so with em.

  • Chris

    I think its the monster that draws me. You know, its usually some weak/nerdy person, always being pushed around and whatnot. And then they finally get pushed far enough or the full moon rises, and out comes this terrifying, ferocious beast. A monster. I like the idea of something so awful, so terrible and blood thirsty inside of us.

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      That’s good I want to see one for real not just in movies i need to hear one howling outside my house in Agawam MA.

  • Flintfangs

    I love werewolves because I think animals (Wolves being my favorite) are superior to humans. I think that animals are perfect, and the idea that people can embody that enthralls me.

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      Well I think its time to find one for real not just talking about it we need to really find it.

  • I like werewolves because they’re one of the most powerful monsters ever known!

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      Where I live there a lot of woods I need to hear one howl at note to know they’re actually there Im Not talking about movies. I also want it to scare my neighbors in agawam MA.

  • Strange_Obsessin

    I love the thought of werewolves. Supernatural creatures. Its more of a hope. That life isn’t as human and boring as it shows. I love wolves as it is. My favorite animal. As far as I can remember living with my grandparent I have always been into the supernatural world. Wishing and wanting more of it in my life. Something about it. The thought of the possibility that an ordinarily boring human can be changed into this amazing mythical creature. Im more talking about shifting into an actual wolf. Not sure if that’s the wright one but its the one I dream about. Being able to change from an everyday life into a wolf, running fast and free on all four. With the wind rushing through your fur. The amazing smells you can’t smell with a human nose. Hearing all the sounds of nature in front of you and farther away. There’s no worries with being a human when your in wolf form. Just you on all fours and the sounds of calming nature. N as far as killing? What happens as a wolf stays as a wolf.

    • Wolfman Jenkins

      I want to see one for real not just talk about it at note I want to hear it howling outside my window.

  • Wolfman Jenkins

    I live in Agawam MA theres a lot of woods I want to know if anyone on here can find a real warewolf out here just lookup Robinson parkbin agawam MA. or come to live out here to find the warewolf.

  • Wolfman Jenkins

    I need to hear werewolves outside my window for real let me know when they will be here.

  • Gordon Leeney

    I like the ferocity, the freedom, the “I’ll do whatever I want without any consequences” attitude.