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Whose Box Office Is Bigger?

You’ve probably heard about how GONE WITH THE WIND would totally smoke all of today’s biggest blockbusters if adjustments were made for inflation. Measuring the cost of movie tickets then as opposed to the cost of tickets today against the average cost of living, that sort of thing. Is it true? Sort of, yes. If we “adjust” the figures to take inflation into account, then yes, films like GONE WITH THE WIND were much bigger hits that STAR WARS or THE AVENGERS.


You also must take into consideration that, the more a movie ticket costs, the less likely any given person is to fork out the money for it. Has the rise in ticket prices been directly in proportion to the overall cost of living in general? No. Movie prices have gotten steeper out of proportion. So yes, it’s true that GONE WITH THE WIND made more money than THE LAST JEDI. But it’s also true that it cost more money to go see the latter than it did the former, so perhaps it’s more impressive that so many people turned out, considering? It’s an unequal comparison.

It should be kept in mind, though, when you’re reading about the box office for some of the classic Monster movies of yesteryear. If the box office gross for THE WOLFMAN seems awfully paltry by today’s standards, for example, remind yourself that those dollars spent for tickets back then were a lot bigger than the ones we spend today. They went a lot further. Conversely, if one wanted to see the titular werewolf, one had no choice but to hit up the theater. Television and video hadn’t been invented yet. If I want to see him, I just pop a DVD into the player. In fact, I may go do that right now. I’m feeling mighty appreciative of the option just now.

The Evil Cheezman • October 21, 2018

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