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Who Would You Like Me to Interview?

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to interview people, and I do it often over at Vampires.com – I have interviewed bestselling authors, TV producers, movie directors and so on, but here at Werewolves.com we’re lacking interview love. So it’s time to let your voices be heard! What werewolf author, director, actor… etc. would you like for me to interview for you?  While I am damn good at nabbing interviews, I am not a miracle worker, so please don’t ask for an interview with Taylor Lautner or something. I’m not that good.

Now before you pick who you want me to look up, take a peek at the interviews I have already done here, I may have already spoken to someone you love:

Ryan Mecum
Ryan is the brilliant poet behind the fantastic books “Werewolf Haiku,” “Vampire Haiku,” “Zombie Haiku” and so on. If you haven’t checked out any of his books I highly suggest picking one up (and reading the interview I did with him), his books are amazing!

Andrea Cremer
Andrea is the bestselling author of the young adult werewolf novel “Nightshade.” I was lucky enough to chat with her on her widely popular book and more.

Paul Jessup
I was thrilled to interview Paul on his illustrated story “Werewolves.” Art and werewolves! Yay!

The Werewolf Cathedral
This was definitely one of the most challenging interviews I have done. This was the first and only time I have interviewed a religious organization.

Lisa Hendrix
Lisa is the lovely author behind the Immortal Brotherhood series, a collection of romance books on various types of shapeshifters, including wolves.

Lucien Black
Lucien is a new author and was kind enough to let me ask him about his book “Outcast: Where Angels Dwell,” a tale of werewolves, angels and vampires.

Now that you have seen who I have already interviewed, who do you want me to interview next? Don’t get your hopes up though, I may not be able to get the interviews you want, BUT if I do manage to get an interview with whoever you’re asking for, what questions would you like for me to ask them? Let me know in a comment below!

– Moonlight

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moonlight • February 3, 2011

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