Who Wants a 2014 Werewolf Horror Calendar?

All of us! The awesome news is that the folks over at Werewolf News are working on an incredibly badass werewolf calendar. The not-so-awesome news is that the project is in serious need of funding. Getting talented artists onboard and actually printing the calendars on quality paper is a tad pricey. But if you want to help out and make this horror project a reality then click HERE.

Here’s the official dish on the calendar:


All Claws, No Cuddles

The 2014 Werewolf Horror Calendar is a collection of twelve original artworks by twelve talented horror and fantasy artists. These artists will be commissioned to create new works of art that represent werewolves as we horror fans know and love them: cursed humans who are changed by the full moon into vicious, man-eating monsters. In this calendar you’re going to get blood, guts and horrific transformations, not pious, gutless hippie-wolves or washboard abs to delight Twilight fangirls.

The project is run by the husband & wife team of Andrew Quinton (designer, werewolf-trivia-gatherer and the guy behind Werewolf News and The Supernatural Registration Authority) and contributing artist Tandye Rowe.

What We Need & What You Get

  • If successfully funded, this campaign will pay for…
  • the time and effort of the artists
  • printing costs for the calendar, art prints, bookmarks and buttons
  • shipping costs for all deliveries necessary
  • IndieGoGo and PayPal fees

Your calendar will contain…

  • Twelve original images of werewolves doing what werewolves do best: transforming, then hunting, attacking & feeding on humans
  • Exclusive works of art from some of the scary Internet’s best talent
  • An 11″ x 17″ standard 365-day calendar with days of “lycanthropic significance” marked
  • NO muscular, shirtless boy-men who turn into computer-generated dogs
  • NO nature-loving wolf-hippies with beaded feather bangles and blow-dried pelts

Sounds amazing, right? Right! Now go donate! And make sure to check out the artists over on the funding site. They are fantastic.

– Moonlight

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