Who is Your Favorite Werewolf?

Werewolves can be found everywhere nowadays – movies, TV shows, books, comics, video games, and on and on. They have ravaged every format there is. With the countless werewolves out there it’s hard to choose your absolute favorite wolf – but I’m going to ask you to do so anyway. Bwahaha! So, who is your number one favorite werewolf character and why? Is it their powers, personality, or something else? Let us know in a comment below.

As for my favorite, well, mine isn’t the average werewolf by any means. My favorite wolf would have to be Vane Kattalakis from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters series. I love that her werewolves aren’t the classic kind, they aren’t even called werewolves. They are split up into two groups – the Arcadians and the Katagaria. Arcadians are born human and act human, once they hit puberty they then have the ability to shift into a wolf. Katagaria are born as wolves and think like wolves, they gain the ability to shift into human form once they reach puberty. They are more wolf than human. Vane is Katagaria turned Arcadian due to his genetics.

Vane is a total badass who can fight like a wolf and like a human. On top of that, he has incredible powers. Anyone who goes up against Vane dies. But what I really like about him it that while he is a big bad wolf, he is incredibly protective of his mate and his family.

And that is my favorite werewolf – Vane Kattalakis.

Now it’s your turn Dear Readers, out of all of the werewolves out there, which one is your favorite and why?

– Moonlight

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  1. My favorite is still the classic Wolf Man as portrayed by Lon Chaney Jr. , though the main charatcter in our new concept album, Cyrus, ranks up there pretty high.

  2. My favorite werewolf would be eddie quist from the howling. The transformation was awesome for an old movie it was the best!

  3. George, from Being Human. The show not only explored the mythology and implications of werewolves in a really cool way, but did it with a damn good character — somebody smart, funny, endearing, and with a life outside of their “curse” that in the end made that curse more compelling. I can’t think of another work with a better balance of in-depth werewolf-based horror and strong, independent character development.

  4. My favorite werewolf must be Sam Huntington in Being Human. But I also stand between Benecio Del Toro in Wolfman and David Thewlis (Remus Lupin in Harry Potter)

  5. I would go with Bigby Wolf, from Fables…AWESOME character. 2 options for shifting, and a “charming” personality!

  6. Van Helsing definitley- but I also love the ones from Dog Soldiers… Kick ass movie :)

  7. My favorite werewolf would have to be Remus J. Lupin from Harry Potter – Prisoner of Azkebahn – mainly for his warm and caring personality that is at such odds with his were-nature.

  8. Van helsing and Remus Lupin. I mean the werewolves in Twilight looks more like natural wolves except the fur color and their size. A werewolf to me should be more half human, half wolf. Just sayin…

  9. It is hard to say, I am going between The Astounding Wolf-Man a superhero that is a werewolfXD, Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers he’s awesome to play with and the erasers from the Maximum Ride series, even though they probably consider themselves as werewolves, maybe.

  10. General Greymane he is a b/a worgen/werewolf in the w.o.w worgen comics. And of course William Corvinus looks awesome in underworld. The best werewolf I have seen in any movie. Too bad underworld made that superbad werewolf be so pathetic in his fighting skills against that crossbreed….that was sooo lame. Gooooo Lucian!!!

  11. That sounds amazing! I’ll need to read those books.

    My favorite werewolf has to be from an online original story (the author deleted it to pursue publishing it) that I read that she, at the time, called The Songs (if she publishes, it is bound to be differently titled). One of the main characters, Abbot Song, was a dhampir who had been infected with werewolf DNA. The way she had werewolves was that they were truly monsters when wolves, (some humanoid and some pure wolf, depending on factors like type of moon, weather/lol/, were they born that way, were they a wolf become human, etc.) and that they could only be reasoned with in a humanly way was through Abbot, who was the only werewolf able to stay “human” at night because of his vampire blood. So, when Abbot wasn’t around or he was a werewolf himself, any werewolves had to be killed to save human lives, even if the wolves were nice people.

    Abbot, in my opinion, was the best in the whole story because he has a person was totally awesome, he was pretty much the smartest character, he was 6,000-something years old (they’re in the future) but didn’t act like a tortured soul, he handled things logically without letting emotions get in his way, and he as a werewolf was pretty awesome. He was described as a bit of a Remus Lupin/Underworld crossover type wolf because the vampire genes dominated the werewolf genes and made him look like a Priest (good movie) vampire with a bit of fur and a canine muzzle. When faced with an antagonizing werewolf who killed several people Abbot loved and a lot of innocents, Abbot turned wolf and bought time for his surviving friends to evacuate a town of humans and a few monsters alike. He ended up dying waaahhh, but he went to Hell and was kicked out, which in itself is pretty awesome too.

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