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Who Is THE Hottest Werewolf on TV…You Choose

Some werewolves can change at will, others change only once a month. Some packs have women, in others they’re an anomaly. Some are wolves by birth and others are bitten and cursed.

the night desk’s insight:
There’s a new poll to determine who the hottest werewolf on televsion is right now. You have 17 choices from ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ Teen Wolf,’ ‘Bitten’ and more. Who will you choose? I know you already have someone in mind, I did when I read the article. I won’t tell you who I voted for, but his name rhymes with Merek Gale. Vote, and let us know who you think is THE hottest werewolf roaming the woods.

source: www.tvfanatic.com


Editor • January 31, 2014

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