Who is Mason Lockwood?

The Vampire Diaries’ second season premiered this past week and it got a lot of fans asking about the mysterious uncle Mason. Well you guys are in luck! Taylor Kinney revealed all sorts of goodies in a recent interview about his character, Mason Lockwood. Check it out:

Spoilers ahead!

Uncle Mason seems to be pretty mellow initially, especially compared to Tyler, but anger is kind of a Lockwood family tradition. Are we going to see Mason show his temper any time soon?

Of course. Mason grew up in Mystic Falls, but he left probably before college, before adulthood, and he’s come of age now. He’s learned to harness his rage and to deal with problems in a more amicable way than lashing out the way that Tyler is right now. He’s comes back to Mystic Falls because of the death of his brother, but he stays because he empathizes with where Tyler is right now. He recognizes himself in Tyler and he knows the curse that’s in their bloodline. He’s going to try to help Tyler keep from being so on edge all the time.

What was Mason’s relationship like with Mayor Lockwood, his brother?

We haven’t explored it too much, but it wasn’t great. I think they were at odds for a large part of their life growing up. They weren’t the closest of kin, but it’s still family, so I’m going to look after my brother’s family the best I can.

The Mayor wasn’t exactly a loving dad. Trevino told me that Tyler is still very angry with his father, even after his death. Is Mason going to be a father figure?
Nope. It’s definitely more of a big brother thing than a father thing. I’m not trying to replace Tyler’s dad by any measure — I don’t want to stand in those shoes. It’s not easy for anyone to grow up without a father. Having a mentor in the family is a blessing, you know, and Tyler never had that. I now look at Tyler and say, “I know what you’re going through. I know what could happen.”

He’s like Tyler’s werewolf guru.
Yes! He knows that there are certain things that can trigger the curse and certain things Tyler can do to keep it under control. I’m looking out for him so that he doesn’t lose it.

Full interview HERE.

That’s right readers, Mason is a werewolf and so is Tyler. Eeee! I am so exciting for the werewolf action to begin! It’s going to kick some serious ass.

How excited are you guys?

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  1. now i know that im probably a little rediculous when i say this but the vampire diaries is me FAVORITE show EVER and im SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOO excited 4 the werewolf thing with the Lockwood family!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Heyah, i don’t think this has exactly answered my question. Does this mean that Tyler and Mason Lockwood are both Werewolves? Because of their yellow eyes, i thought they were, then i was more thinking i was right because of the whole jumps Mason does in Episode 2 Season 2.

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