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Whitewashing Ted Bundy?

I’ve seen criticisms directed at the new Ted Bundy movie EXTREMELY WICKED, SHOCKINGLY EVIL AND VILE that claim the film glorifies Ted Bundy. I have yet to see the movie so I cannot comment directly one way or the other, but as someone who has written about serial killers I will state that it should always be a concern for us *not* to glorify them. I have also seen criticisms that assert that there was nothing remarkable about Bundy save that he was a white male. My first instinct then was to groan. I have sadly become so accustomed to the nonsense spouted by the Sycophantic Jerkoff Whiners* of the world that I now respond negatively on an instinctual level.

(*I always feel the need to qualify my disdain for the SJWs, lest someone mistake me for one of “those” other people, the MAGA hat-wearin’, “build the wall”-shoutin’, Muslim phobic assclowns who occupy the other end of the spectrum from the SJWs. I am not one of those people. Look at the original meaning of SJW: Social Justice Warriors. Social justice is something that every civilized human being should want and strive for. Unfortunately the term has been co-opted by the extremists, as always happens with any movement or philosophy. What SJW originally meant is *not* what it means today.)

Okay, look, there is truth in the criticism. Ted Bundy, as a white male, did possess “privilege”, and he absolutely took advantage of that privilege to help him succeed as a serial killer. But it is simply false to say that there was nothing remarkable about him. He *was* charming, smart, a master at manipulation. *And* he was white, which certainly benefited him. But his whiteness wasn’t all that he had going for him.

And lest it seem like I’m glorifying the man, he was also evil, vile, wicked, contemptible, cowardly, narcissistic, disgusting, despicable, and pompous.

He *was* remarkable. It’s just that he was remarkable in all the wrong ways.

The Evil Cheezman • February 12, 2019

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