‘Wherewolves’ Needs Our Help

I recently received an e-mail from one of the writers of Wherewolves asking for help getting their film script out there for all to see. They need some assistance getting the script made into an actual movie, and since I love werewolves and we’re in need of more werewolf flicks, I am more than happy to help. Check out the synopsis below:

“Using a fun, explosive style, full of new slang and fresh dialogue, WHEREWOLVES tells the story of a group of high school seniors, all “military brats”, who are headed for an army-type survival weekend.

The underdogs, Jeffrey and Doris, do not want to go as they fear for their safety among the disdain and cruelty of the popular students. Sergeant Tim O’Sullivan, their teacher, as well as their dysfunctional parents pressure them into going, but it is an unforgivable act by their peers that propels the pair to go. Likewise, Eli, a student resented because of his Arab roots, is even more determined to prove himself this weekend. Yet he and his girlfriend are beaten and locked in a trunk before they can make it to the school bus. In the background, a news report cautions of a wanted couple with alleged super-human strength supposedly brought on by a new drug on the streets.

In the woods, the students hike, hunt, camp, and soon act in unity as the forest brings them closer together. But does it? O’Sullivan leaves them alone for the night. The students bond, chant, tell campfire tales, and quickly lose their fears and inhibitions. WHOO-AH! Though sexual tensions are high, it soon turns to violence and everything quickly turns sour.

The kids start disappearing one after the other amid the sounds of horrifying growls. Most begin to unwittingly “act like the natives” carving spears, ready to face whatever is out there. What has gotten into them?

Despite the enormity of the forest, the characters soon feel claustrophobic, terrified, and powerless as they are no match for the harrowing dark figures on the prowl. Amid the blood-curdling growls and the gruesome deaths, the story’s underlying layers are revealed. We see how misconceptions, prejudice, greed, fear, and hatred bring out the worst and best in us.

What is out there? Can it really be werewolves?”

More info on Wherewolves can be found on their website. The more people that know about it the better chance it has of being made into a movie, so spread the word!

What do you guys think? Would you like to see this made into a film? Let me know in a comment below.

– Moonlight

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  1. The write-up doesn’t really go on about the werewolves much, does it? It also sounds a bit like Dog Soldiers. I’d like to hear more about what makes it different from that movie and other werewolf stories in general.

    1. Hi,
      Though we do pay tribute to Dog Soldiers (and other great werewolf movies) in the film, WHEREWOLVES takes the genre to another level. Don’t know if the YouTube teaser (you can access it from our website) will give you some idea, but I really can’t say much without giving the story away. We can’t reveal who, but an Academy Award Special Effects Makeup nominee said it was the best werewolf script he ever came across.

      And to all of you: Thanks for your interest and for helping!

  2. The writing may be “SENSATIONAL,” but it should, at least, be correct. I rarely take on the role of “grammar police,” but the synopsis contains a glaring (yet common) mistake that mars an otherwise-interesting description.

    The word “enormity” has nothing to do with physical size. Instead, it means a “great evil,” “excessive wickedness,” or “monstrous offense.” Unfortunately, many people (even those whose writing may, at other times, be stellar) make the mistake of using the word “enormity” when their intended meaning is “enormousness” or “immensity.”

    Thus, even though the writer of that synopsis clearly meant to say that the forest was very large (as evidenced by the contrasting statement that “the characters soon feel claustrophobic”), what the opening of the paragraph (“Despite the enormity of the forest”) actually means is “Despite the great evil of the forest,” and that does not convey the intended meaning.

    Apart from that error in the synopsis, Wherewolves, itself, DOES look interesting.

    1. Thank you. I always appreciate nitpicking…

      Since dictionary.com states: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/enormity “Enormity occurs regularly in edited writing with the meanings both of great size and of outrageous or horrifying character, behavior, etc. Many people, however, continue to regard enormity in the sense of great size as nonstandard”
      we’ll go with ‘immensity’ so as not to offend. The web designer will be notified immediately.

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