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Where to Put Wolfsbane?

The character, that is, not the plant.

Disney has a potential problem with THE NEW MUTANTS. That’s probably why the movie, set to debut here in a few weeks, was previously shelved. If they release the movie and it tanks, then it’s no harm, no foul. Sure they’d lose money, but the movie’s already made, so technically the money is already lost. But what do they do if it’s a hit? What do they do if it’s actually *good*?

THE NEW MUTANTS was made before Disney bought Fox. Thus THE NEW MUTANTS is a part of the now-defunct Fox X-men cinematic universe, the same one that so ingloriously flamed-out with last summer’s X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX. That universe is officially out of business. What if THE NEW MUTANTS succeeds with fans and leaves them wanting more, wanting a sequel? Disney can’t go on making sequels for a franchise that no longer exists, can it? Would any THE NEW MUTANTS films from here on out be standalone works? That might work, but it’s gonna get awkward when Disney starts introducing its own version of the X-Men. Could they somehow retcon THE NEW MUTANTS into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

By the way, one of the New Mutants, Wolfsbane, is a werewolf. We didn’t get to see her in her transformed state in the trailer, but rest assured we’ll see her wolf out at some point in the movie.

The Evil Cheezman • February 20, 2020

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