When Werewolves Attack

While checking out books at my local bookshop I came across a one titled When Werewolves Attack: A Guide to Dispatching Ravenous Flesh-Ripping Beasts by Del Howison, and well, I didn’t think too  much of it since these werewolf “guide” books seem to come out every few months. But then I noticed that this book was in the humor section, which got my attention since that’s not usually the type of book you see among comedian biographies and LOLcat books, so of course, I gave it a quick look.

When Werewolves Attack is a short guide on werewolf history, folklore, and more, but the book is written in a humorous tongue and cheek sort of way which is what makes it stand apart from most other werewolf books. Here’s a look at the official book description:



Everyone grapples with their own internal beasts; but for a few that walk among us, the beast is real. When darkness falls and the razor-sharp claws and fangs emerge, this book has everything you need to survive the night. When Werewolves Attack is your comprehensive guide to werewolves and the deadly threat they pose:

  • The dark and ravenous history of werewolves
  • Blood-curdling tales of real attacks
  • How to track and identify a lycanthrope in both human and wolf state
  • Highly effective counter-werewolf techniques and weapons
  • Tips on trapping and training your shape-shifting assailant

Doesn’t sound too bad. From what I am reading in various reviews, this book simply covers super basic werewolf facts. If you’re like me and have read virtually every non-fiction werewolf book then you’re not learning anything new in When Werewolves Attack. However, it’s still a fun sounding book regardless, and one I’ll probably pick up in the future.

What do you guys think?

– Moonlight

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