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‘When Animals Dream’ So… Werewolf or What?

Nar Dyrene Drømmer – First international trailer for When Animals Dream, a new werewolf tale that follows “a young girl who is hunted down by those living in…

So, this girl living in a small coastal village in Sweden, basically grows up with everyone around her knowing that at some point, she’s going to turn into something… and it has something to do with her mother, or at least her maternal genes anyway, since her dad seems fine. Apparently, when puberty sets in, she’s warned by her doctor that she’ll starting growing more hair, become more aggressive, and he warns her that she’ll have to be medicated. I assume this is to keep her from doing pretty odd things… like breaking off chunks of drinking glasses with her teeth, and then crunching on them…

At some point, of course, she decides to roam freely, and her father warns her that there’s nothing he can do to protect if she leaves. The villagers appear to want to hunt her down at that juncture, but! throughout the trailer, and throughout the narrative for the trailer, we never seen any actual transformation. It’s almost like a much more tame, young adult teen girl aimed version of the movie Wer –which was pretty excellent. So are we just looking at a really long metaphor for puberty/young adulthood… or is this a real werewolf movie? We’ll be checking out soon, to let you know!

source: www.youtube.com

annimi • April 8, 2015

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