What’s Your Werewolf Name?

“Find your werewolf name and personality with the werewolf name generator!”  

I loooove this thing. So. I’m sitting at home, watching  Supernatural, wondering what the hell smells like feet… contemplating the socks next to the couch and if I should drop them in a biohazardous waste bag… and I find this werewolf name generator doodad. I played with it for like, a good half an hour, and I have learned several things: 

  1. This thing has an endless supply of bizarre names, normal names, and lots of werewolf surnames. 
  2. My own werewolf name… “Shayla Streaked-Lightning”. That’s created from my actual name, not randomized nonsense. Nice, right?
  3. My roommate’s werewolf name: Patrick White-Fire… 
  4. My roommates werewolf name if he was chick: Fedelma Angry-Beast… which sounds like a chick with a unibrow and back hair.
  5. My boss’s werewolf name: Tier Coal-Ears… aww. He sounds cute and fluffy. 
  6. My boss’s werewolf name if he was a chick… Graina Majestic-Tail. …I dunno about you, but that sounds like the name of a really confident cougar. 
You guys need to play too, post your werewolf name in the comments!

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