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What you could get away with if you were a Werewolf

Imagine you had the ability to turn into a werewolf at the drop of a dime; you were walking along in your city one fateful night and were suddenly brutally attacked by this disgustingly beautiful creature and now, you attained their mystical power.

Sit back for a minute and mentally compile a list of things you’ve always wanted to do but were too afraid to attempt, for the thought of getting caught scares you beyond belief! Or if you’d like, I can compile that list for you right here. Here are some things I bet you could get away with if you were a werewolf.

Free Meat- Meat these days is expensive with the economy and all, so why not grab a bunch of steaks, chicken, and other processed deliciousness while you can? If you were a werewolf, simply transform into your beastly suit and head to the nearest deli. You could try scaring your victim into giving away their products or become friendly with a few owners and get on their good side prior to transformation … you know, make a deal.

Cash Prizes- This is an easy one; come Halloween time, most clubs and bars hold costume contests. Along with the announcement of these said contests comes the announcement of cash prizes. On All Hallows Eve, turn yourself into a werewolf and enter your local club’s contest … if anything else, you’d be the most authentic creature of the night!

Bedtime Stories- This one is kind of kinky; if your lover likes a beast in the bedroom … well, that’s all I really have to say. You and her will surely be howling at the moon in harmony.

What would you do if you were a werewolf?

– Bryce


Bryce • March 31, 2010

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