What Would Happen if Werewolves Were Discovered?

There is a question I often ask authors when I am doing interviews, a question that has nothing to do with their book, but one that’s fun to ask in spite of that (cliché interviews are SO boring).  Every author has given me a different, yet fantastic, answer so far, and I love hearing every opinion on it – including yours. Which is why it’s now your turn Dear Readers, your turn to let your voice be heard! As enjoyable as it is to ask authors questions, I love hearing from you guys too, so here’s a question for you – If werewolves were discovered to exist today, do you think our society would accept them or try to destroy them?

Here are a few past answers from a couple of authors I have interviewed:

“Our society has enough trouble dealing with the relatively minor differences between human beings. If a werewolf turned up on Main Street, you can bet the silver bullets would be flying.” – Lisa Hendrix, author of The Immortal Brotherhood series

“I think the first reaction would be to destroy them. Esp. down south. I can see a series of books that explores racism this way, in a lot similar to the way True Blood uses Vampires to talk about homosexuality.” – Paul Jessup, author of Werewolves

“Depends on how many people they’re eating.” – S. Andrew Swann, author of The Wolfbreed series

Now it’s your turn, what do you think? If werewolves were discovered to exist today, do you think our society would accept them or try to destroy them?

Personally, I feel that we would destroy them, or at least try to. As Lisa said, we have a hard enough time dealing with minor differences, I can’t imagine how bad it would be if something as big as actual horror movie werewolves existed.

– Moonlight

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  1. think they would try to take over the world pretty much like in, Jason McKinney’s Dog World. This would be after we found th em out or they made themselves known.

  2. I can see humanity trying to get along with werewolves, at least in the political circles. On the citizen level, it would be rabidly mixed. Some not minding, some wanting it, and others detesting it.

    And in my opinion, I’d even go so far as to say werewolves would actually make PETA care about people for once.

  3. I agree with all the others. Humans destroy anything different almost by default. So i really dont see any peace near the two races. However knowing the countries nowadays i can almost guarantee that more than 1 country will try to use some captured werewolves for soldiers or weapons of some sort. So if I were to be on the werewolves side, i would first quietly infiltrate powerful institutions and make sure I have some good ground to stand in and then let the world know of werewolves existance…once its already too late for them to do anything about it >:D (insert evil laugh here)

  4. Ok, I go against the others, to some degree. Humans don’t necessarily destroy anything that is different, if that were the case there would be no domestic animals.
    The question is rather xenophobia. So wolf-enthusiasts (as misguided as many of them might be) might get along with werewolves.
    Of course it depends what sort of werewolves. Simple shapeshifters between human and wolf probably have a better chance than ravening bloodthirsty beasts. After all if you blame someone in the latter case you must be pretty blue-eyed.

  5. I would think that there would be two groups of people… People that want to destroy them and People who want to protect and learn about them. Kinda like “tree-huggers”, only they would be “werewolf-huggers”.

  6. Probably destroy most, but I think there are too many potential uses in warfare for certain governments to want to destroy then completely. Though a totally different scenario might occur if it turned out that there a significant number of high profile people who turned out to be werewolves. They might gain some protection though life would be filled with fear and prejudice as we cannot even accept all that is natural let alone supernatural. Animal Rights may take on a whole new meaning not to mention champions! ;)

  7. I think that as long as the press showed them in a good light they would be protected but there would still be many, many people who would try to destroy them in a rain of silver bullets.

  8. I think the best case senario for that would be the werewolves seperating themselves from us again because if they did come out to us they would be represented by those who see it either as a curse or a controlable affliction but it is possible depending on the support they have on our side like if they had something to offer to help society they would eventually be accepted

  9. I think are society would try to destroy them they alway try to destroy what they don’t understand and stick needles in them. It would possible end in war I wouldn’t be surprise if werewolves win. They may try to use werewolves for their own problems for armys and slave. Are goveronment are disrespectful to anything that is different and think they can do what everythey want with people. I would be on the werewolves side

  10. It would probably be similar to what happened in the new Underworld movie: we would discover their weakness, their would be a global attempt to destroy them, and they’d have to go underground to survive. We might try to perform scientific tests on them, to see if there’s any potential to use them as biological weapons. Stuff like that.

    1. They’d be viewed as more of a disease that has to be contained than an actual sentient being, considering their mode of reproduction (venom). Kind of reminds me of that episode in Star Trek: Next Generation when LaForge investigates a deserted settlement and ends up becoming some alien. He had some sort of gene splicing parasite in his chest cavity… I wonder if werewolves and vampires are the same way?

  11. Judging by the way humanity throughout the recorded ages has treated what is not understood, or what is misunderstood, it’s my opinion humanity would try to destroy them all. In the early times of science, zoos were more interested in dissecting their catches, and more horribly viewed any non-human species as without feelings or emotions, and thus treated them as such. I won’t go into the details – you can find them yourselves, if you are curious, if you dare…

    Then there is the military mind – no offense to members of the military, however they would see werewolves as a threat and once again be on the path to destroy them, rather than understand them.

    Personally I like the view of werewolves retaining sentience and conscious will, not just random killing machines. More like feral anthros than something dangerous and uncontrollable. Perhaps this falls outside of one of the classic long-standing definitions of werewolf, but it is a definition of them I find more suitable to writing them into the works of fiction I sometimes put to paper, or pixel.

    I don’t hold much hope that humanity would look upon something new, some new, or old and newly revealed, being as werewolves, or to take another step, living anthropomorphic animals with human characteristics, with anything more than the eyes of fear.

    Lakotah DreamDancer

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  13. I think, considering the amount of popular werewolf media, the majority of humans would try to protect them at first. Though, as mentioned by others, if they turned out to be mindless killers things wouldn’t go well.
    But things like Twilight, Being Human and god knows how many other werewolf-related books and films have certainly sparked a worldwide interest in werewolves, more so than before

  14. The U.S. government would try to do a live capture, study him or her and RD to try to make a controlled weapon. Just think solders turning to werewolves and killing their enemy. Oh yah, Uncle Sam would be real interested. I believe after they got what they wanted, and then the exterminations would start. Get rid of the rest of the animals so no one else would be able to use them.

  15. i would like humanity to accept them but with the world today and the over protected parents and these people i think the human race would try to destroy them unless we live in a world were people accept others and there is no judgement and the world has no problems and people love each other and were all peaceful then i see them making peace with the werewolves but dealing with the world we live in today i see the human race destroying the creatures we see ourselves being or wanting ourselves to try and destroy them but only a few of the werewolves because of the human race which i believe will happen cause i see werewolves as stronger then any ordinary human alone armed with only a gun and no wits about werewolves

  16. I do not believe werewolves would actually be extinct. I for one would not want them destroyed and I think people would be thrilled to know they exist. I also agree they would likely be used as some kind of super soldier and crontrolled. You can see this in Rob Zombie’s idea for Werewolf women of the SS, which is likely inspired from American Werewolf in London, and then there is the recent Underworld Awakening involving this kind of thing, but I do not want to spoil it.

    All in all, I think if werewolves were discovered I doubt our world forces could capture them all and round them up or kill them off, especially if they were to have been around all this time.

  17. I agree with Mr. Wantuch. But to a lesser extent, I feel that certain portions of our modern society may say ,”Ah huh, told you they were real.” and simply accept them as another anomaly proven true. Science and myth coincide. As far as freaking out about the possibility of werewolf attacks and violence toward humans goes; humans have and always will be their own worst enemies.

  18. if you look at old indian legends the only way they could hurt a man is if u invite them to. i view it half and half and i do belive anything is possible!.

  19. I believe that our society would destroy them because they don’t like differences. People today would like to have everyone the same. That’s why people get picked on, because they are different.

  20. We are scared of the unknowns. So if werewolves were discovered, many would try to kill them because they are scared of change and of what they do not know. Throughout the many years we have become scared of other races and cultures. But I think if we understood the truth it would not be as bad. But if we knew the truth and did not like it, we would be scared of the change and what is to come.

  21. Were+Wolves=Werewolves

    In real world World Wolves are shy and i don’t think so they face us(Humans). I also like these Fantasies but never thought if any thing like this Huge monster exists or may be discover or discovered. Wolves(werewolves) likes to live in peace they had family,groups. If a wolf bite any man just suppose for a while is that really change into the form that we’re talking about no never. A supernatural force or something like this mutant may be God or Evil can create. I love Wolves……

  22. If the werewolves were to be discovered, yes bullets would start flying. But they won’t, people are too busy with their own problems to really be opening their eyes to this world. You’d be surprised of a lot of things that people miss because they’re ‘minding their own business’. The only reason werewolves would be revealed is when everything else is, and by then, the werewolves would be the least of our worries.

  23. I honestly think, that everyone would totally segregate them exactly how they did that with the whites and blacks back in the day. But someone would be smart enough to hear their side of the story. But werewolves, would be murdered constantly, using the most famous of weapons (i.e. silver bullets) and no one would care because they would like it. Most people don’t like change, and it’s hard for them to deal with it. Werewolves being discovered would make stuff go freaking CRAZY, and you could hardly live your life.

  24. they wound probly make gettos , like the nazis did with the jews of warzaw, and force all werewolves to stay there so thay can have a watchful eye on the werewolves.

  25. The way the nation is they’d probably try to kill em all. Not they’d be successful. The average rednecks too busy burning crosses, drinking booze and hating coloreds to know how to handle an agile raging werewolf. doubt they could even scrape em with a lead bullet.

  26. ithink, cosidering the whole rascism between black and white something that different would be killed outright. but even if that doesn’t happen it’s in human nature to be jealous of power that they don’t have. and thay try and kill things that scare them or intimidate and make them lookbad.

  27. I personally would join them, but the goverment would capture one study it torture it and kill it then kill all the others

  28. Vampires would be dicoverd afterward and war betwween us and humans would happen interupting the war between us and the vampires.So LEAVE US ALONE.

  29. I know that humans would hunt them down to extinction because they’ve all seen the films and will instantly believe that the Lycans would be hostile and so they would either try and shoot them with plain guns, or create silver bullets before the big hunt. There would also be the few people (possibly mainly teenagers) who try to become one and maybe die or get their wish. Either way, I doubt that the humans would even attempt to make peace or an alliance with the Lycanthrope. I however would wait to see if they are hostile or not, and also what type of Lycan they are (e.g. Teen Wolf style, Underworld, humanoid or wolf etc.)and then if they were friendly I’d possibly try to become one as I love the thought of being a Lycan that can change at will, have enhanced abilities and also control myself in transformation so that I don’t kill relatives or friends etc. I am currently writing a novel about Lycans and Vampires and I would enjoy being the kind of Lycan i’m writing about.

  30. I believe that the public would be, at first, scared, but we’d learn to acept them after we get the killing out of our systems. Because they’re people too! Like the racism against african americans. They’re people too, and after lynchings and president Lincoln, we accpet them. Now look around you: blacks and whites together in harmony. (Almost.) So if we approach the subject warily and with an open heart and mind, they could be accepted.

  31. Looking at today’s society on modern Timber Wolves, and the people who are trying to kill them all. I think that if werewolves actually existed, they will meet the same fate as the common wolves of the North America and other countries.Not to mention, the Catholic and Christian society will brand them as an act of the Devil and set out to destroy them all out of fear. Just as they did during the Witch hunts in Europe over a hundred years ago. In fact, looking at the history of the dark ages, the Crusades in the Middle east, and the Spanish Inquisitions, people were not only accused of witchery, but also accused of being a werewolf as well and were tortured and executed. So if werewolves existed and became public. I believe that there are many out there ( such as myself ) who will try to help them so they can live their lives freely and without percussion, and there will be others out there who will try to eliminate them to extinction. I also agree with what John had written about the government will try to capture werewolves for military purposes. Overall, there will be acts of prejudice against them and people who watch too much t.v. will spend thousands of dollars buying silver bullets, which by the way, is a major false content. Silver has no affect on werewolves. This was not mentioned until the very late 18 hundreds, and was mentioned time over by the Wolfman movies. Anyway, history will repeat itself again from the dark ages up to modern day racism.

    1. Actually (and as a Catholic myself I may be biased here), from what I’ve noticed Catholics tend to be more tolerant nowadays toward minorities than other Christian denominations. No offense to any of you Protestants or Orthodoxists, but I have Protestant friends and relatives and have noticed that my church and youth group is more ethnically diverse than theirs and more of us are fine with homosexuality…we have two out-and-proud lesbians in my youth group, in fact. I honestly believe that if they discovered I was a werewolf, they’d be fine with it – but there are other werewolves in my family and I don’t feel right about exposing myself without their consent and that of the majority of other werewolves around the world.

  32. I love the nature of wolves and humans and a were wolf is a mix of the two so I would not try to kill a were wolf but I do think that every one else in the world would so there for silver bullets would be flying after the creature we call the were wolf.

  33. Mankind can’t even share their land with real wolves…look at the persecution of wolves that has started since they were taken off the endangered species list. Big game hunters are pissed off cuz they are not getting as many trophy kills as they once did, before the wolf had their amazing come back. So now there is a hunting season for wolves, so hunters can have that extra elk head in their living room…..mankind’s priorities are messed up. So if it came out that we are real…..I mean like True Blood style, then there would be no way that humans could share their existence. Especially something that they could never come to understand.

  34. I would say to a werewolf “Hey you can trust me but if I don’t tell about your kind walking around here you have to turn me agreed?” and I’d keep true to my word I just make sure they keep to theirs……

    1. No offense but that would be really rude. If a werewolf fessed up to you it’s because they trust you, and you would be completely betraying that trust. Also, if you did tell anyone, since you can’t prove it all that would happen is people would think you’re crazy.

      But it’s a moot point because the fact that you would even think about doing this indicates that you’re not worthy of that level of trust. Have a nice life.

  35. if werewolves were discovered, people would try to get rid of them, then lycans wuld get involved, nd we all know that silver bullets have no effect on lycans, so there wuld be a complete revolution against humans, to kill A lycan yu have to separate the spinal chord from the body, then tear the skin nd wrap the spinal chord in the skin then bury it thts how yu kill a lycan, but it is no easy work to first get them unconscious enough time to do those things, i bet not even a group of people is enough to paralyze a lycan, nd there is more than just one

  36. I think it depends on how poeple find out about werewolves. If we make friends with somebody in the government and they trust us and stuff they might be ok with us. If they find one of us attacking a human or something they might go to “midevil times” again. and if you dont know what “midevil times” is, thats when people used to kill, most of the time, innocent people cause they though they were witches.

  37. im just saying this randomly but, if you want a good were-wolf book trilogy (like fantasy and stuff) the “Shiver Trilogy by: Maggie Stiefvater” are awsome. I love those books allot and im going to read them all, all over again!!

  38. I believe that if werewolves did exist yes they would be destroyed unless the whole world can be proved that they are not what they seem to be
    that what i believe

  39. Werewolves would be hunted down because of the fear instilled by Hollywood. We as human beings can’t get along cause of race, religion, political views. How would a supernatural being ever be made public when all our gov’ts would seek them out for testing. It’s hard enough as is to find a true friend to keep our secrets; let alone a real secret. I remember a story about the creation of the Werewolf, it said they were created to stop demons and dark beings from entering and living in this world. They were the Guardians at the Gates of Hell and kept the world of the living safe from dark forces. This story was in a bible. Perhaps someone long ago saw a werewolf destroy a demon and feared for their life and began the rumors. Most people will kill only because they have no other choice while some people do it for fun. Remember, werewolves and shapeshifters are still human, just becareful who and what you label them as.

    1. hey i think that if werewolves exist that we should accept them for they are and let them do what they have to do to survive i mean they’re just people like us . really we should accept them and not destroy and they may protect anybody that they love no matter if they are human.

  40. Some people would want to destroy them, and other people would want to destroy the people who want to destroy the wolves.(So that means join them)

  41. I think society would destroy them do to fear and disrespect. I also think some of the people would stand up for them and whats right though it probably would do no good. Werewolves would soon fear us and resort to hiding and hunting animals until the time to return comes. But the government would definately try and hide the existence of werewolves though it would be hard if the military is running through the streets and woods guns a blazine! Some would rebell and join them and some would hunt them theirselves. But most would pretend they didn’t even exist. The few that felt sympathy for them would die either from the government or the werewolves themselves. That is my opinon on how society would treat werewolves if they were discovered.

  42. I thank the humans would have a killjoy on the werewolfs that’s sad cause werewolfs are amazing and who ever would whant to kill such a amazing animal fuck who ever is a werewolf hunter.

  43. I think it depends on how much power, if any, the werewolves hold in human society before coming out. I honestly think werewolves with a good enough PR team could take on the religious right and win in this day and age.
    considering that the Harvard business Review did a study that showed that stock prices tend to rise going towards a new moon and fall going towards a full moon then maybe their are enough werewolves in the finance sector where the world couldn’t attack them without risking another economic meltdown

    and of course Turkey claims to have been founded by werewolves so they would have at least one country willing to stand up for them.

    1. FYI, two countries. After all, the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, had been raised by werewolves. True, those are pagan beliefs and most of Italy today is Catholic, but you know, I bet Pope Francis would be a great ally in the impending fight for equality.

  44. We are not vimpires! We do not want to rule the world. If we did we already would. We want to be left ALONE. Get it? If you come looking for us, we will come looking for you. To answer to question: No more racisum, no more hunger, lower to no crime, and best of all…..no more politicions. Their my favorites. Mark my words and remember mortals.

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