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What Will Tyler’s Return Mean For Mystic Falls?

Has Tyler returned back to Mystic Falls and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ for Caroline or is there something else bringing him back home?

the night desk’s insight:
Tyler’s last few years have been full of bad choices, traumatic life changes, and full moons. He has returned to his home town, where his family is gone (literally,) his ex has moved on (well of sorts,) and his best friend has his house (rent free,) what’s Tyler after… Caroline. He hopes to reunite with his true love, but is it just a little too little and a little too late. His werewolf ‘friends’ have caused Caroline great pains repeatedly in the past, but Caroline never seemed to blame Tyler for any of it. Do you think Tyler will be as understanding, when he finds out about Caroline and Klaus’ hookup in the woods?

source: www.wetpaint.com


Editor • January 30, 2014

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