What is Your Favorite Werewolf Book?

When it comes to werewolf fandom the majority of the focus is on werewolf films and not on those poor werewolf novels. The books are often forgotten or are simply never read. It’s a shame. But being the bibliophile that I am, I want to know what your favorite werewolf books are. I know we have had posts like this in the past, but we are always getting new readers here at Werewolves.com and new books are constantly being published. So tell us – what is your favorite werewolf book? Or if you can’t pick just one, what are your favorite werewolf books? Share with your fellow werewolf lovers.

bookloveAs for me, well, it’s not an easy pick. While I thoroughly enjoy werewolf tales, most of the werewolf books I have read aren’t 100% about werewolves. They are about an assortment of supernatural creatures and there just so happens to be werewolves in the mix. That’s why it’s difficult for me to pick a favorite werewolf book. I haven’t actually read too many amazing novels that focus solely on werewolves. I know I know, that’s awful of me seeing how I am the writer for this wondrous site. But of the werewolf-only books I have read, I haven’t come across any that I can put on my favorite werewolf list. Sad face.

One of my favorite series though is the Dark Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and some of her books focus on the werewolves in her universe. I LOVE her were-creature mythos! She created a fantastic backstory for her werewolves (and other weres). So I suppose the Dark Hunter books about these characters can go on my favorites list (there are over 20 Dark Hunter books and only a few focus on were-beings).

I am also insanely obsessed with the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman. But again, this series isn’t about werewolves. There are werewolves in the book, but they aren’t the driving force of the story. So really, I can’t count these books as werewolf books.

Hmm… this is hard. I will just leave this one to you. What is your favorite werewolf book?

– Moonlight

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  1. My favorite would probably be Darker Than You Think by Jack Williamson. The Orphan series by Robert Stallman is also pretty good, although not technically a werewolf.

  2. City Under The Moon is fantastic. I found it very original how the author blended werewolf myth with science.

  3. How about the book Shiver? I’m not sure but I think it is about a werewolf cuz my friend was reading it. I’m also not sure who the author is… Double sad face ;(

  4. I’m kinda stuck on that one, I mean, I have read every werewolf book I can get my hands on, but the only books that some to mind worthy of the title ‘my favourite werewolf book’ are the books in the ‘Wolves of Mercy Falls (Shiver)’ trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater, or the book ‘Saamaanthaa’ by D.T Neal.

  5. I LOVE the last werewolf! have you listened to the soundtrack by the real Tuesday weld? the lonely werewolf girl was pretty awesome too, but I liked the sequel better. pretty fond of the cal lendros series too. anyone read the new kitty book? just came in today. a werewolf named kitty, what a riot. I like the ilona Andrews shifters&the kresley cole ones, but I read far too much to have a favorite.

  6. “Saamaantha” by D. T. Neal. It is feels very current and has its own world. It is gritty, real and otherworldly all at the same time. It turns so many of the memes of Werewolves in on themselves and creates a whole new vision. I highly recommend it!

  7. My favorite werewolf novel, by far, is “Saamaanthaa,” by D.T. Neal. I wasn’t even a fan of werewolves until I read this book! So much more than a standard werewolf tale. Great pace, wonderful writing, terrific plot! A novel both visceral and intellectual. Highly recommended. Additionally, there’s a sequel coming out this fall, that I cannot wait to read!


  8. Loved SAAMAANTHA by D.T. Neal, too! Seems the obvious choice here! Suspense, horror and just all around awesome book!

  9. “City Under the Moon”—Hugh Sterbakov
    “Cycle of the Werewolf”—Stephen King
    “High Moor”—Graeme Reynolds
    “Night of Wolves”—David Dalglish
    The “Wereworld” series by Curtis Jobling is absolutely brilliant, despite that it’s themed more on werecreatures than werewolves—the main character is the last werewolf left.

    Also I have no idea how so many people here enjoyed “Shiver,” because I honestly thought it was one of the worst books, period, I’d put my hands on, but to each their own. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, myself.

    1. I find it unlikely that your library doesn’t have a single good book. :) And as L said, libraries can borrow books from other libraries.

  10. I cannot decide there are a couple to choose from, from kelly Armstrong to the Norville to kate daniels and and others

    1. I know! the Kelly Armstrong series is amazing, who’d have thought bitten would create such a popular hit? I love the kate daniels series too by ilona Andrews(her other series, the edge books are pretty fantastic too) with so many amazing authors out there its awful hard to choose a single favorite.

  11. Silver Bullet-S. King
    High Moor-Graeme Reynolds
    Bestial-William D. Carl
    Ravenous-Ray Garton
    The Sticks-Andy Deane

  12. Werewolf – The First Chronicle of Michael Cavendish

    only pure werewolf book that i have read & enjoyed.

    it finished on a large cliff hanger & im gutted as it was meat to be a series but i cant see the author doing any more.

    give it a read.

  13. Patricia Briggs: Cry Wolf, Glen Duncan: The Last Werewolf, Keri Arthur: Riley Jenson series, I. Andrews: Kate Daniels series, L.K.Hamilton: Anita Blake series

  14. What about Terry Pratchett? His Discworld novels have Angua Von Uberwald. Feet of Clay is a great novel she’s explored further in Fifth Elephant. Check out Tony Robinson’s Audiobook versions. Really great

    1. oh my! however did I forget about angua! I do love discworld, but im quite fond of granny nanny&death! also a ratty person so Maurice&his educated rodents overshadowed the rest of the glorious series in my mind. I must read far too much as I cannot pick a favorite

  15. I enjoyed the Nick Lupo series by W.D. Gagliani (“Wolf’s Bluff”, “Wolf’s Gambit”, etc). Another good one was “Warwolves” (sorry, I forget the author).

  16. so who read tululla rising&is impatient to see the third in the glen Duncan werewolf series? in fact the third in the lonely werewolf girl series is coming soonish too…so much to wait for

  17. Although I’m a total mythology geek, I am a werewolf, and I love to read, I don’t actually like werewolf books that much because they are often far enough from the truth that I don’t feel they accurately describe my kind and sometimes the descriptions of werewolves are insulting.

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