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What is the “Geedis”?

Nate Ferland is a comedian who writes for THE LATE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN. (Honestly I’d never heard if it. Sorry, Nate.) Nate came across this pin (see the photograph accompanying this article), a depiction of something called, or advertising, a “Geedis.” Much as was the case with me and the television program Nate writes for, he had never heard of a “Geedis.” Neither had I, before I started working on this article. Nate then became obsessed with finding out exactly what a “Geedis” is. Rather, we know what it IS, based on its depiction. It’s a brown, muppet-looking monster with big green eyes, horns, Bigfoot-like hands and feet, and a pig’s nose. It appears friendly, since it’s smiling. But where did the Geedis COME from? That’s what Nate wanted to know. Nate learned, thanks to some online friends, that the Geedis came from the Land of Ta. The only problem with that being, he’d never heard of the Land of Ta, either. (Neither had I.)

This is where it gets weird. The Geedis and the Land of Ta were featured on a set of stickers created in the early 80s–yet no other record of them exists, anywhere. They look like a rip-off of Dungeons and Dragons, but if so they come from a rip-off that was never released. Is this some Mandela Effect thing? Were the Geedis and the other creatures from the Land of Ta a big pop culture phenomenon in a parallel reality?

The Evil Cheezman • September 8, 2017

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