What is On Your Werewolf Wish List?

It’s Christmas month werewolf fans! It’s the time of year you get lots of gifties! Yay free stuff! Anyway, since I was sick of friends and family constantly asking me what I want for Christmas I made myself an Amazon wish list because it’s easy. I like easy. So, while making this list I was thinking of the werewolf books I want (but can’t remember grrr) and that got me thinking about you and what you want for Christmas!

What werewolf goodies do you want for Christmas? Share below (sadly I cannot get you any of your wants, but I can relate to the want). So yea, not only do I want to hear what you want, but I also need help remembering the werewolf books I wanted to read (BAM ulterior motives!).

So far my list includes a couple movies and a bunch of books. Movies like Underworld: Awakening (I STILL have not seen it, GASP!) and Resident Evil (which has nothing to do with werewolves but is totally awesome). As for werewolf books…

Werewolf Haiku by Ryan Mecum
I love Ryan’s books, they are super entertaining and beautifully made. I read Vampire Haiku and loved it, I even interviewed the man himself, yet I still have not gotten my hands on Werewolf Haiku. I wants it! It’s a werewolf story told in haikus – plus there’s awesome artwork mixed in!

Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock
A teen book about a werewolf virus that sweeps the world. I have heard great things about this book and it has loads of fantastic reviews, so I want to give it a read.

To Walk the Night by E.S. Moore
First book in an urban fantasy adult series about a vampire hunter, that happens to also feature werewolves. I this book a lot, but have yet to give it a read.

Intertwined by Gena Showalte
Another teen book! It’s not strictly about werewolves, but there are werewolves in the series, so it has piqued my interest. Plus the main character can raise the dead, possess people, tell the future and time travel. Bonus!

And that’s all I have for werewolves. I know there are a million other werewolf books I want, but I can’t seem to remember them grrr. Maybe you can help out. And while you’re at it, share your werewolf wish list! That is the main idea behind the post, to share the goodies you want and maybe find out something new you want.

– Moonlight

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  1. I’m hoping for a werewolf shirt. I’ve already gotten all of the movies and (most) of the books that I find interesting. I mostly asked for donations to the International Wolf Center, though.

    AND PEOPLE: Hate to burst anyone’s bubble but…even though I love werewolves…they don’t exist, never have existed, and never will exist. It’s so biologically impossible to change from one species to another, I’m not even going to go into it.

  2. when it comes to my werewolf wish list i like to get unique items, so I check out places like etsy to find one of a kind werewolf goodies. I pretty much want everything from this artist named Aunty Donut, she makes amazing werewolf figures and then donates 10% of the proceeds from sales to a wolf reserve.
    here is the link to her shop, very cool stuff:

  3. My Christmas wish is that we get bad-ass werewolf videogame in the near future or there will no more Were storylines from True Blood. It we be a real miracle if the latter came true.

  4. Personallyh, I want to get anything vaguely werewolfy. Problem, only my best friend knows that I am obsessed with werewolves…sigh. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

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