What is Buried Beneath Skinwalker Ranch?

Okay, I’m trying not to get too excited. It could be an abandoned mine tunnel or a water cistern or some such. It did seem to be connected to the well at the old homestead. It’s probably something mundane. But the ground-penetrating radar *did* reveal something large and anomalous buried beneath Skinwalker Ranch—something shaped roughly like a flying saucer. Holy. And shit. And something beneath the ground, in that same area, is giving off dangerous levels of radioactivity. And this is for real. Like for real, for real. Holy shit.

Another holy shit moment from this week’s episode of THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH was having Travis Taylor, the scientist, the astrophysicist, give voice to the theory that I’ve espoused about the Ranch from day one: that there is a wormhole, a dimensional portal, located there. This is a scientist, a skeptic, saying that.

The more I see and hear, the more it surprises me that Robert Bigelow (of Bigelow Aerospace) would ever have agreed to sell this place, or that the Government didn’t take over the property and then clamp down on all information coming out of it. This place is a full ten on the crazy unexplained phenomena scale—if the scale only goes up to ten, that is. It’s also hard to believe that Bigelow wouldn’t have discovered the underground anomaly himself, and that he didn’t know about it when he sold the Ranch. But considering that he’s never revealed much of anything about what he did at the Ranch or what he learned about it, if he did know he probably wouldn’t have told anybody about it.

By The Evil Cheezman

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