-What Happened With SWAMP THING?

The new SWAMP THING series airing on DC’s new streaming service got cancelled almost before the first episode released. Considering the debut episode got positive reactions from fans and from critics, it wasn’t due to a failure in quality that the brass at Warner Brothers made this decision. Why, then? There are rumors that it all had to do with a tax incentive that the state of North Carolina was supposed to offer the series for filming there, an offer that was then rescinded. This makes sense, given the abruptness of the plug-pulling. But official word is that it was *not* due to taxes. They say the brass simply didn’t like the show. Wherein does the truth lie? (See what I did there? “Truth lie”?) Producer James Wan doesn’t know, that’s for sure. Said Wan: “Don’t really know or understand why #Swampthing was cancelled, but I can tell you this—all the cast and crew, and producing/writing team poured their hearts into this. Really proud of everyone’s hard work. Go watch episode 2, and immortalize these 10 episodes. Swampy deserves it.”

Might it have something to do with the reports that Warner Brothers is planning its own streaming service, and thus would end up competing with itself via the DC streaming service? Possibly, but I’m more inclined to believe it was the revocation of that big tax break that did it.

By The Evil Cheezman

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