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What Do You Want in a Werewolf Book?

As a huge book lover I spend every day checking out various book websites looking up new books, reading reviews, taking part in discussions and so on. Something I am seeing a lot of on those sites, as well as this one, is people pissing and moaning about certain books or things they are sick of seeing in books. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of this too. I am the first to rant about a terrible trope, a cliché storyline or a Mary Sue lead. So I decided to switch things up today, instead of bitching about things I hate to read in werewolf books, I’ll list off what I want to see in a werewolf book. Make sure to join in on the werewolf book love by leaving a comment below listing off what you want to see.

My list:

  • A strong, but realistic, female lead. I can’t stand reading about pathetic damsels in distress, it makes my inner feminist angry, so I love books with strong female characters. However, I want them to be realistic, no one can be the strong hero all the time so there needs to be a balance. She has to have her weak moments and her flaws, she can’t always be perfect.
  • Powerful werewolves! One thing you see a lot of in books are werewolves that are pretty badass, until the vampires show up, then they are giant pansies. So werewolves that are high up on the food chain would be fantastic.
  • Mystery. I love a good mystery and I love plot twists and turns. It would be fantastic to have a mysterious werewolf book. Most are pretty blah and unoriginal, so I really want one that gives you a giant mystery to unravel, one that shocks you when events are revealed.
  • Proud werewolves. I don’t really like werewolf characters that are full of self-loathing and are annoying angsty. I would love to read a book where the werewolf is proud of what he/she is.
  • History. I don’t necessarily mean that I want a historical novel, but that I want werewolves with a history. I want a long backstory, I want generations of werewolves, a werewolf legacy that spans centuries. I don’t want to be thrown into a modern story where you know nothing of the werewolves or where they came from.
  • Magic and fantasy! I love fantasy books full of wizards, magical castles and wild adventures. A werewolf in that type of magical setting would be awesome. I do love modern werewolf stories set in our world, but it would be interesting to see a werewolf in a fantasy world. Also, a magical werewolf instead of a more scientific one would be great! I enjoy stories where werewolfism is a contagious disease, but I want to read a new story where it’s something more magical and enchanting.
  • Other supernatural creatures. I know many people hate when writers mix a wide assortment of supernatural creatures into a story, but I love it. The story could still focus on werewolves while also have other creatures in it.
  • Some romance. I do enjoy the occasional romance novel, but my favorite books are the ones where the romance doesn’t take center stage, where the romance itself isn’t the story, it’s just an added bonus. I want an action-packed story with just a little romance sprinkled on top.

I could go on and on forever listing off things I want in a werewolf book, but I’ll stop myself now before I go overboard.

Now it’s your turn! What do you want in a werewolf book? Is your dream book full of horror and gore? History and mystery? Romance? Let me know in a comment below.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • August 22, 2011

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