What Do You Think of True Blood Season 5?

Season 5 of True Blood is almost over with only three episodes left, and just as the producers promised, this season has had a bit more werewolf drama than the last season. But is it something the werewolf fans are happy about? If you’re watching the current season, what are your thoughts on the werewolves of this season? I know the wolves of True Blood have been a major disappointment in the past, but what about now?

Personally, I am even more disappointed this season than any other when it comes to the werewolves. Sure, they have had more wolfy scenes this time around, but very few are enjoyable. True Blood werewolves fail hard.

Here’s a break down of what I liked and don’t like about the werewolves this season:

WARNING: Spoilers below!


  • Emma as a little wolf. She is SO unbelievably adorable!
  • Alcide’s honor. I like that he wanted what was best for the pack and wanted them to be more than just murderous V addicts.
  • Alcide’s abs. Yeah, there’s not much to like about the werewolves, so that has to go on the list.


  • That the werewolves are doing V AGAIN! We already had this storyline, why is it back? Grrr.
  • Werewolves being the vampire’s little bitches again.
  • Emma being kidnapped! I wanted to scream at my screen when the vampires took her.
  • The crazy pack master hunting down a human. Really? So the werewolves are just mindless barbarians? Ugh.

There have been a lot of disappointments in Season 5 of True Blood and the werewolves are one of the biggest ones. I seriously doubt they will ever get any better either. It is a vampire show after all.

What are your thoughts on the werewolves this season?

– Moonlight

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  1. True Blood’s additional werewolf scenes for this season are like a mini version of the Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending debacle.

    Where the people who make the show, after hearing the complaints, make the mistake of thinking fans who wanted more werewolves just want more of the the same. They don’t change the basics of how things function in the same stroke, which is what those fans also argued for. If fans argued for better portrayals of werewolves for four seasons, I think that would stick out to the people in charge.

    Still, this is why TV producers for HBO, MTV, and others can’t make better shows. Just like EA and other gaming companies. They don’t really listen unless they have to.

  2. Has anyone noticed the Were storyline has, at least, 2 or 3 minutes in total of screen-time per episode? The rest of the main, and sub, story-lines have way more time allocated towards development. Its like the writers don’t actually want to spend the time to write better story-lines for them; not that more screen-time will improve this horrendous and assine story-line.

    – Moonlight, ever thought keeping all your True Blood posts on your vampire site? After all, True Blood is a vampire show and the Weres are just beyond bad in regards to story-lines, characters, and just about everything else about them.

  3. True Blood isn’t a show for Supernatural fans (not that show lol) and Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood are to blame for making a modern day vampire this untouchable creature that has werewolves for little pets. Contrary to modern analogy of werewolves, in many cultures and mythology’s werewolves were feared by vampires because of their strength and power, and rage! Vampires get far too much credit these days, in terms of mythological creatures, their among the weakest! Other creatures are greater in story, history, strength and impact. Werewolves are among the most ancient going back to the Annunaki themselves, as powerful man-like creatures that served the gods and some cultures they were guardians because they were so strong and so on and so forth. You get my point. Vampires irritate me, I like watching these shows as nothing else is on to be honest and Teen wolf doesn’t interest me. Last great werewolf I seen was in Van Helsing, even the Vampires were great in that film. Everything has been made, sorry to say, very emo and aimed highly at erratic teen girls.

    1. mischamoonlight- i recommend watching the second season Teen Wolf. Its, by far, better-written, well-developed, and just far more better than season 1. The second season, even, incorporates actual werewolf mythology.

      1. Actually, no. I’ve seen a little of Season 2, but that season is almost nothing but deus ex machina in relation to the things surrounding the werewolves. The Kanima as well, and I hate that being put into any show. It’s an indirect insult to the audience, but so far, only a few people have taken notice of it while most just say, “Awesome” and go on their merry way.

        I don’t recall anything in werewolf folklore that says they can poke/slash each other to share memories, outside of Werewolf: The Forsaken, control others with a howl, revive others of their kind with their blood, because that’s from Vampire Diaries, or heal dogs of cancer.

        I’m honestly hoping the last episode doesn’t get the ratings it needs to let the show survive. Outside of just being eye candy for teen girls, the writing outside of the teen drama is insulting, and borderline comatose.

        1. To each their own. Personally, i hate vampire/werewolf teen, emo, crap as much as anyone, who is tired of this crap; but i’m enjoying Teen Wolf season 2 and it’s the only werewolf show on tv where i can get my werewolf fix. I’m sure as hell not gonna get my werewolf fix from True Blood and Vampire Diaries.

          If you seen episode 11 of Teen Wolf, they make a reference to ” calling a werewolf by its christian name” as a way to cure the werewolf of its condition. Vampire shows, and supernatural shows, are always changing their mythology. why do you think vampire shows are so popular? Their mythology is always changing, for better or worse. Teen Wolf shoudn’t be any different in that regard.

          1. I’ll disagree there. The reason those shows are popular is because of the quality of the writing as well as the mythos.

            If you botch half of that with deus ex machina, people will notice it and it ruins the tension of the writing. Because, for all the audience knows, the writers may subject the characters to an easy out of any situation by pulling something that was never foreshadowed/mentioned before. And if you do it once, like bringing Peter back to life, then what else would they do it with?

          2. I agree with about good writing and the writing on Teen Wolf is flawed; but it is still enjoyable, at least, for me. True Blood, on the other hand, have written horrible story-lines for the Weres….not bad….horrible! I would rather have flawed Teen Wolf writing than the writing they have on True Blood for the Weres.

  4. I liked true Blood but I am also a fan of the books. I found that the depiction of werewolves in the books are much more favorable and original. In the books werewolves are born but can also be turned, the bitten werewolves turn into wolfman like werewolves and born werewolves look very similar to standard wolves. i thought the inclusion of multiple types of werewolves fascinating. True Blood changes the werewolf mythology and makes them simple minded beasts, with the exception of Alcide.
    True blood werewolf are also cannibals and mindless addicts?
    ugh this season had been disappointing and i think when the show strays to far from the source material they show suffers. As a werewolf fan i guess i just find this season irritating.

  5. I really hate the politics and religion in the show. I hate fanaticism of any kind and watch shows like to True Blood to avoid this subject matter.

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