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What Do You Think of The Vampire Diaries’ Hybrids?

If you have been keeping up with the current season of The Vampire Diaries then you know all about the hybrids, if you haven’t, then well you should avoid this post since it’ll be jam packed full of spoilers. Be warned!

Anyway, last season the Mystic Falls gang had to deal with the big bad Klaus, an Original vampire looking to break the curse keeping him from turning into a hybrid – a being that is half vampire and half werewolf. After killing the werewolf Jules, vampire Jenna and Elena (who was later resurrected) Klaus is transformed into a hybrid. The season ends shortly after all this drama goes down and we were left wondering what hybrid Klaus plans to do next.

Now for the current season, season three. Klaus is back and dead set on turning all the werewolves he can find into hybrids like him. This doesn’t work out very well for him at first and he ends up unintentionally killing an entire pack of werewolves. But in the most recent episode, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Klaus finally figures out the trick to make hybrids (Elena’s blood) and he transforms Tyler into one. Tyler turns into an arrogant jackass after being turned, which according to Damon, is partly due to him being Sired (making him Klaus’ little bitch).

And that about covers hybrids so far! So, now that you have had a bit of a refresher, what are your thoughts on these hybrids?

Personally, I am not a fan. While it is an interesting storyline, I really hate that there is now more than one hybrid. I didn’t mind Klaus being one, but I HATE that Tyler is too. In the last episode Tyler acted more like a vampire than a werewolf and it sucked. It’s like his inner vampire is dominating his inner werewolf, which bums me out because I liked werewolf Tyler. Hybrid Tyler just pisses me off.

What do you guys think of Tyler and Klaus’ plan for more hybrids?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • October 26, 2011

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